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Hello Webmaster, You
OxyScripts.com is a PHP/MySQL
We offer the free scripts for
Tutorials covering PHP,
can provide yourself a
resource site with articles,
webmasters. At present
Minitoplist or a Toplist in
tutorials, downloads,
available the following
JavaScript, VB, graphics and
few minutes without
forums, code snippets and
scripts writing on PHP:
programming knowledge. We
Guestbook script, Message
offer high-professional
board script and Mail form
software with features
script. The main advantage
presently only in Germany
of our scripts is easiness
found, to you. We will
in installation and tuning.
host your Toplist on our own
Usually the most webmasters
high speed server that was
has a problems with
especially bought only for
installation the scripts
this project
writing on Perl what is why
. Unbelievable but true:
our scripts are designed in
For you there is no cost,
order to facilitate the
this service is completely
installation process
free. So don't hesitate,
just try it out ! Your
new Toplist can bring you
many new visitors or money
by income from advertising
today. Good luck
! Your
www.toplist4free.com Team

Date: Jul, 27 2003

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Date: Jul, 14 2003
Directory of free and
Bali Script provides
This site is almost like
The programmer journal of
commercial php scripts. Part
PHO/MySQL based scripts.
hotscripts, except its all
joeldg, the published PHP
of the WebmasterEmpire.com
Currently available scripts
php. A huge list of php
tutorial writer and
are asn guetbook (guestbook
scripts for free. Check it
contributor to the PHP
with 'reply' feature) and
out today to get many free,
language's page. On his page
asn forum (simple version of
and paid scripts.
he convers some of the
'complicated' PHPbb).
advanced topics in PHP which
are not covered elsewhere.
Topics such as ncurses, and
all SystemV shared memory
functions are presented with
example coed. In addition
there are many useful
functions presented for
doing network requests as
well as fuzzy logic and
weighted distribution on

Date: Jul, 14 2003

Date: Jun, 24 2003

Date: Jun, 24 2003

Date: May, 21 2003
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