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Data Logik Ltd.

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2and2.net - Free image hosting

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Open Source Scripts

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We have been named the most
My collection of PHP scripts
This site offers free image
A categorized directory of
innovative opt in email
that I have written.
hosting. Specifically used
open source web scripts.
marketing system because we
by webmasters and auction
Opensourcescripts provides
are able to generate the
(ebay) sellers as a place to
the place for compiling,
ability for you to send
host images for free.
storing and distributing
emails to your email lists,
open source resources.
while generating
comprehensive reports so you
know if your marketing
promotions are
working. THere are no
limits on sends and EVERY
customer has their own
dedicated server. What
can we do for you via
reachon.com? - Your own
server - send emails and
know when the emails have
been opened - the system
manages your unsubscribes,
so you do not get accused of
spamming - you can see
customers LIVE as they log
on to your site through a
special ReachOn viewer -
newsletter templates to fill
in and send to clients -
Duplicate filtering - email
opens extraction to better
target your lists - we can
also additional reporting
capabilities based on your
needs - a national
unsubscribe database that
filters out emails - and
more Send your email
campaigns, online
newsletters, email
advertisements, through
Reachon.com and receive real
time reports detailing when
each email is opened.
Know the percentage of
opened emails with a click
of a button. Reachon also
manages and automatically
deletes your unsubscribes
from EVERY campaign as part
of its spam policy. No need
to read instructions it
takes only 3 clicks. The
eMail service is for small
and large businesses who
want to know if their online
marketing programs are
working. Please log in
to reachon.com to test the
service for FREE to see how
it works. Click on Demo on
the top right hand corner on
the home page.

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Date: Aug, 25 2004
Karaferis.NET is a Free
W3B Web Building Blocks
Are you a web designer? Do
We have a PHP chat, forums,
Webmaster Resources-Link
provides an object-based
you work part-time as a
as well as many tutorials
Directory.Here you can find
framework for creating
freelancer or as a
and beginner tips. Check us
hundreds of webmaster
php/mysql based web sites.
contractor? Do you provide
resources under many
Use W3B Web Building Blocks
web site design, graphic
resource categories such as
to save time and money.
design, logo design, flash,
Easily creating e-commerce
database development,
Javascript , CSS , Swish
sites. We also offer an
related services? Open a
that you may feel free to
affiliate program.
freelancers account, post
browse. Also you can use
your profile and start
google page rank tool , a
biding on jobs. No commision
simple way to find your's
or project fee, bid now for
web page google rank online.

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Date: Aug, 06 2004
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