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Home of DeoXMS. Coming soon
We offer professional web
We are currently seeking
Download php scripts for free
to DeoX Designs. DeoXMS is
design, web programming
freelancers from all walks
plus other webmaster tools
currently the system
services, as well as
of life that are keen to
like ebooks, templates,
managing the
outsourcing services and
source work. We have
graphics and software. Free
site. Tutorials will also
flash and PHP products. Our
developers in all fields of
membership gives you access
be coming as they are
CMS is a unique software
computer programming,
to a few of the php scripts
conceived. Tutorials
that helps to manage
software development,
paid membership gives you
Include Photoshop, PHP,
websites on the remote
graphic design and other
access to over 250 php
MySQL, and Samurize.
server even without special
areas of expertise as
Your stop for a friendly
knowledge. One more our
well! As a UK based
place to stay is here at
advantage is our competitive
company we are excellent at
DeoX Designs. New forum
prices. That is reached due
getting your projects
system coming soon.
to a big number of websites
deveopled and completed on
we elaborate. Among them Ė
time by utilising our
big e-commerce sites,
personal sites, B2B sites,
B2C sites, flash animation.
We have a wide range of
discounts for our long-term
partners. Thus they save
still more costs. Our
special offers will be
interesting for those who
want to be our new client or
partner. The most attractive
thing is our free trial. It
a completely website layout,
that we create for all our
new clients.

Date: Jul, 28 2005

Date: Jul, 28 2005

Date: Jul, 26 2005

Date: Jul, 26 2005
A fully indexed resource
Xeonext specializes in the
TakeScripts.com, the
Uk Motors for sale website.
directory for PHP
development of interactive
internetís top resource for
Very easy to run and setup,
programmers and developers.
websites and powerful web
free and premium turnkey
customers register and then
Each entry is rated and
applications. We keep an
scripts and websites. We are
pay by Paypal or cheque to
reviewed. Search the
unmatched expertise in Open
offering you a complete
post their adverts of either
database by author, title,
source technologies, PHP,
fully designed and
Motorhomes, Cars, Motorbikes
domain, date, rating and a
mySQL, CGI/Perl, JSP,
functionable website for as
etc on the site. All
complete tagging system that
Apache, Linux etc. We
cheap as $25. If you are a
settings are changable I
allows the user to narrow
provide huge range of ready
professional or beginner
have it set for £5 for 1
their search to a specific
to use solutions as well as
Webmaster looking to start
months listing of 1 item.You
topic, and includes a
custom development &
your own business online,
can change it to what you
weighted "cloud"
designing on vBulletin skins
these scripts are for you.
like. The customer uses
feature for locating the
and hacks, helpdesk scripts,
You donít have to pay a lot
their own computer to list
most popular terms. Also
shopping carts and WebMail
of money to someone to
their items, you get an
available is a standard
systems with POP, IMAP &
design a website for you.
email when they have paid
keyword search interface.
SMTP etc. We have immense
All you need is here. The
all you have to do is
Stay up to date on new
experience in development of
scripts are professional
occasionaly check the site
additions by subscribing to
Email Systems, Web-based
scripts developed to deliver
for content, all editable by
an RSS feed of the listings.
Email that can be Custom
top-notch performance and
you form your online admin
Many other features and
made as a modular package or
panel. I will even Host it
categories for open-source
a dedicated service for
on our servers for £5 a
Web developers.
Business Mail & ISPs. We
are running a research and
development center to serve
our global clients in
software development and
other web services.

Date: Jul, 22 2005

Date: Jul, 22 2005

Date: Jul, 19 2005

Date: Jul, 17 2005
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