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PHP Application Tools (pat)

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AndrewKimball.com PHP Scripts

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InterAKT Online

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This site offers several
AndrewKimball.com offers a
InterAKT is the creator of
Sourceforge.no is a norwegian
tools released under the
collection of PHP scripts.
the Ultradev PHP extensions,
site that offers projects
LGPL that help you with
Currently available scripts
PHAkt and ImpAKT and
and code snippets on php,
creating PHP websites. The
include StatZ, a web traffic
NeXTensio. Also offers a
ASP, and more.
tools include: patTemplate,
and analysis script, and
user community where you
a powerful but easy to use
ImageZ, a random image
will find questions and
template class,
answers on the wwwboards.
patXMLRenderer, which
transforms XML to HTML and
includes dynamically
generated content,
patSpiderizer, a search
engine cloaking tool,
patSysinfo, which supplies
information about your OS,
patUser which provides all
necessary functions for user
management, patDBC (database
abstraction), patNewsletter,
a newsletter management
tool, patGuestbook, and

Date: Apr, 11 2002

Date: Apr, 11 2002

Date: Mar, 27 2002

Date: Feb, 16 2002
LiquidPulse is a resource
IPDG3 helps developers and
bombusbee.com is a site
Appcreator is php web and
site, mainly for code,
programmers find resources
devoted to the support and
application development site
scripts and
for ASP, C/C++, CSS, CGI,
development of Fusebox for
that contains useful web
tutorials/articles. The site
Delphi, DHTML, Java,
PHP. Fusebox is a free web
development resources such
is community based, and
JavaScript, .NET, Perl, PHP,
application standard
as php scripts articles and
allows members to contribute
Visual Basic, XML,
attempting to reduce the 70%
links to other useful web
to any area of the site.
databases, networking and
software failure rate by
development sites.
many others. Also has source
creating a standard
code, tutorials, book
methodology for writing web
reviews, contest, forums and
applications. This
other computer Q&A.
development methodology
Consulting is also available.
works with any web
application small and large.
As the ColdFusion version
has moved away from using
custom tags, porting the
techniques across to other
languages has become that
much simpler and far more
elegant. In fact, the core
techniques of Fusebox 3.0
should apply to the PHP
version just as they do to
the ColdFusion version.

Date: Jan, 07 2002

Date: Jan, 01 2002

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Date: Dec, 03 2001
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