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Offers a range of resources
SupaTools Software offers
A great PHP learning site.
Phplite.com provides easy to
for scripts, tips, books and
free and paid PHP scripts
Loaded with great php
use, php based software,
online tools to help you to
for webmasters.
tutorials and other
scripts and tools aimed to
build great web sites. Also
information. Constantly
help webmasters better
creates pages and scripts
updated and a great support
manage their websites.
for you, as well as help you
get your site online. Now
has a brand new look and PHP
based structure!

Date: May, 20 2003

Date: Apr, 25 2003

Date: Apr, 21 2003

Date: Mar, 10 2003
This is a Offical Website of
One of the big sources of
Tutorial Archive; Chronic
randomchaos.com is a fully
phpBB-HK (Hong Kong), which
trouble in cross-platform
Youth provides a centralized
open source website based on
is a modified phpBB (Mods
PHP development is the
community-oriented knowledge
php/mysql. randomchaos.com
absence, presence and value
includes a weblog utility,
of certain global (or
statistics tracking, a css
superglobal) variables of
style-chooser, and more. the
PHP. Greatly depending on
source of every php page can
the PHP version,
be viewed online.
configuration, Web server
and API used, writing
cross-platform scripts
without testing up in many
different PHP configurations
is almost impossible.
e-novative has set up a free
online service that collects
the phpinfo output of
different PHP versions and
configurations on different

Date: Feb, 17 2003

Date: Feb, 10 2003

Date: Jan, 15 2003

Date: Jan, 06 2003
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