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FlaPops - Flash Builder

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Smoothflash is an online
These five premade navagation
Flash Website Builder is an
FlaPops is a step-by-step
gallery for viewing images
buttons for your website.
easy way to create your own
program for designing short
in a good-looking, yet
The following buttons are
Flash web site. Features
Flash movies or
functional layout. It is
customizible by you, or by
like automatic text website
presentations. It includes
easy to setup - and to
TurquoiseGala.com. We charge
creation for search engines
14 designs which can be
update your gallery with new
a $1 fee to custumize it for
and plug-ins for Flash
customized. The included
images and comments. It is
you. If you customize it
polls, chatboxes, or
designs can be used by
ideal for small businesses,
yourself, it's free, its
guestbooks from
themselves or as a part of a
art galleries, professional
recommened you know how. You
FreeFlashIntros.com are also
web page, like an animated
photographers and personal
need Flash MX or greater
available in it, not to
section displaying your
(recommended). The download
mention the Flash website
message. Create your Flash
includes the following:
builder was designed for
animation or Flash splash
simplicity. Easily make
intro with FlaPops and
your own Flash website by
create it quickly. Keeping
selecting a design and
the process to a simple 3
typing in your content, and
steps, you can customize,
clicking 'Create!' You also
then select your design, and
can create an unlimited
create your Flash splash
amount of Flash websites for
intro. You can also use
customers, friends, or
the Flash splash intros as
yourself that you can sell
testimonial scrollers on the
in web design jobs and make
side of a webpage, or as
money from! And you can
square Flash advertisements.
still reach out to search
Use your imagination with
engines with the option to
what you can create with
have an automatically
short animation items.
created text website too.
The Flash Website Builder is
also a good additional
source of designs and
creativity for web design!
The advantages of the
Flash Website Builder
include the special
automatic text website
creation for search engine
indexing feature helps your
text content and images to
still be found by search

Date: Sep, 30 2005

Date: Sep, 13 2005

Date: Sep, 07 2005

Date: Sep, 07 2005
Use this mini flash embedded
The Nested Menu Component is
Features: All applets are
Features: 100% of Flash
video by adding your own
an easy to use XML-based
controlled by external XML
source code is included, as
masked text or effects. The
nested menu which looks and
configuration files,
well as a DTD file for XML
video has been optimized for
functions like the
including most interface
validation, an external XML
file size and weighs in at a
Macromedia.com navigation
colors, speeds (in the case
configuration file, and any
respectable 48k so it will
menu. Flash is not required
of ticker applets), and
images which are loaded at
load quite fast. This is a
- the package includes both
other effects. These XML
run-time. Images must be
great effect since users
a Flash Component for Flash
files are editable using
non-progressive JPGs.
will click on this flash
MX 2004 users, as well as a
Textpad (www.textpad.com) or
Most interface colors are
video even if the words/text
standalone product for those
any other good plain text
configurable in the external
means nothing - it's just
without Flash. All
editor. For the gallery
XML file (precise color
the rich video gets em, and
aspects of the menu are
and news feed applets, items
options may vary based on
I've tested it to great
customizable: -
can be quickly added,
the applet). Most font
Unlimited number of buttons
removed, and re-ordered
options are configurable in
and sub-buttons - Button
simply by changing lines in
the external XML file
URL's and link target -
the XML configuration file,
(precise font options may
Background color of menu -
which is loaded externally
vary based on the applet).
Very lighweight - only
at run-time. Control the
All menu items are
17KB - Customizable text:
link target and URLs via
configurable in the external
Font, size, color, and
this file. 100% of the
XML file. You can specify
bold - Menu width - Hover
Flash source code (.fla
the target and link, as well
effect strength - Submenu
files, .as files) is
as the selected item - i.e.,
hover color and opacity -
included, including all True
which of the menu items
Much more Additional
Type font files, where
should be selected by
features in Flash Extension
needed. JPG images and
default. Other
(you must have Flash MX 2004
MP3 sound files are stored
configuration options, like
to use it): -
externally to the Flash SWF,
spacing and fade step, can
Customizable menu background
and loaded only at run-time.
be configured. Options may
skins - Support for
Please note that JPGs must
vary based on the menu
integration in existing
be non-progressive. Other
applet, however.
Flash-only sites -
image types, like GIF or
Customizable hover effect
PNG, are not allowed.
skins - Much more! To
use the non-Flash version,
you only need an HTML editor
(such as Dreamweaver). When
editing the XML menu
configuration file, make
sure to use UTF-8 encoding.

Date: Aug, 30 2005

Date: Aug, 30 2005

Date: Aug, 21 2005

Date: Aug, 21 2005
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