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Acorn catcher

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Navagation Buttons

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Bird hunter

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A fun game where you try to
These five premade navagation
Smoothflash is an online
Use the aimer to shoot as
catch acorn with the
buttons for your website.
gallery for viewing images
many birds as possible in 60
squirrels. Catch as many as
The following buttons are
in a good-looking, yet
seconds. Hit the timer to
possible before time runs
customizible by you, or by
functional layout. It is
get extra time.
out. Limes are extra points
TurquoiseGala.com. We charge
easy to setup - and to
and tomatos are extra time.
a $1 fee to custumize it for
update your gallery with new
you. If you customize it
images and comments. It is
yourself, it's free, its
ideal for small businesses,
recommened you know how. You
art galleries, professional
need Flash MX or greater
photographers and personal
(recommended). The download
includes the following:

Date: Aug, 04 2005

Date: Sep, 13 2005

Date: Sep, 30 2005

Date: Aug, 04 2005
An electronic circuit can be
Features: Configure any
The Flash tweening is the
this is a very easy to
designed in this project.
color in the gallery by
most interesting part of
understand and easy to do
You can not save and run for
editing the XML
Flash. It directly
tutorial. 1.open
now. I wont develop this any
configuration file. Top
influences the way animation
flash. 2.start a new flash
more, but you will learn
menu configuration: re-order
is done. Consider that you
document or continue
right click, XML file usage
the menus by changing the
have to create an animated
one. 3.create the movie
and some good ActionScript
indentation. Add pages
ball on the timeline that
clip you want to use for
to the DocViewer by adding
moves from one point to
your cursor. 4.asign the
lines to the XML file. Store
another in about 5 seconds.
movie clip these
JPGs in any file location on
actions... onClipEvent
your server, or in http://
(enterFrame) {
locations. DTD file can
setProperty(this, _x,
be used to validate the
XML. Tooltips are easily
setProperty(this, _y,
configurable via the
external XML file. 100%
Mouse.hide(); } 5.just
of the Flash souce code is
copy and paste it. 6.press
included with your purchase.
control and enter to see
Requires Flash 2004
your custom cursor!
Professional to edit.

Date: Aug, 11 2005

Date: Aug, 14 2005

Date: Jul, 23 2005

Date: Aug, 04 2005
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