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Flash - Easy Sound Control

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Flash Buttons 2005

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Predesigned flash templates
This template is containing
This is a free flash source
Buttons library for
and intros ready to download
an dministration area. From
file from CyberXMedia. For
Macromedia Flash MX and
just click and explore the
this area you can, easily
those who want to add more
Macromedia Flash MX
site. All the templates have
control, change, update, add
control over their sound in
2004. Nice animated buttons
their source like .fla,
or delete your admin
flash. Comes with volume
with sounds and effects.
.psd, images, fonts and etc.
information, your events,
slider, fade left-to-right
main page, news and
pan slider. It also has a
advertisement block of your
numeric readout of the
site. Log in to demo admin
volume settings. There is
area with username: admin
also free flash sound loops
and password: admin. This
template is including an
advertisement area in the
right side. You can easily
upload advertisment
pictures, a short text and
your links url address to
this area. “ARCHIVE” button
in this template lets users
to listen to your Sounds
file which you load up with
just a click from the admin
panel. "NEWS"
allows users to update,
modify and delet the main
page every time man want.
All you need login to admin
area upload a picture,
headline, news and your
links url-address with just
a few clicks. The scrollbar
in the middle right side is
a place for your events. You
can easily upload your
events pictures, date and
text to this
area. "CONTACTS"
in this template allows
visitors to send you email

Date: Dec, 28 2006

Date: Dec, 28 2006

Date: Dec, 01 2006

Date: Nov, 28 2006
At ffiles.com you can
Flash Menu, easy to use, all
TNT Click Sounds 1. Free
After a recent IE/Windows
download files for free:
you need is to edit an
click sounds library, can be
update the flash content and
flash files, photoshop
external file with a text
used with macromedia flash
other objects (Windows
files, sound files. You can
editor and upload the menu
or separately from
Media, Real Player, Quick
upload your own
file and configuration file
Macromedia Flash.
Time) cannot be displayed
creation. Users can post
on your server. This flash
correctly and appear with a
comments and rate for each
menu can auto scroll up and
gray border and a text
submission. Join us and
down when mouse is close to
"click here to activate
post your content.Everything
margins or it can have a
and use this control".
is free.
scroll bar. Flash program
This page provides sample
is not needed to use and
codes and info about how to
configure this menu;
fix this issue by adding a
however, the source file is
javascript around the flash
included in case you want to
object in order to remove
make advanced customizations.
the gray border that ways
"click here to activate
and use this control".

Date: Nov, 28 2006

Date: Nov, 28 2006

Date: Nov, 28 2006

Date: Nov, 28 2006
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