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100 Rounds Game

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3D Camera

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3D Components

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The game is simple: just
this is a 3D loop of a camera
The 3DBox component is great
enter your name, press
mance 123FlashChat can fully
turning 360 degrees. Also
for creating interactive 3D
"Play" and start
integrate database of
included is an autoportrait
effects from flat elements,
moving your mouse clockwise
Postnuke, phpbb, phpnuke,
snap just to show an added
in your Flash projects. It
trying to make 100 rounds as
vbulletin, etc. all kinds of
effect - add your own
only requires that you put
fast as you can to enter the
forums or websites & has
picture or effects. You can
together the various
highscore table. Full
the most customizable skin.
also use single elements in
elements, and this Flash
source code provided.
It's java chat server&
your animation - you don't
component will turn it into
stunning flash client with
have to use the whole loop.
a 3D object (no modeling
easy installation on all
required). The final product
major OS. It's a fast,
can then be rotated in all
easy,affordable way to host
directions and viewed from
and manage real-time
all angles. We also have 3D
chatroom.It allows you to
Plane and 3D Pie chart
organize chat-events,
collaborative work sessions
or online meetings stably.

Date: Oct, 03 2006

Date: Nov, 30 2005

Date: Oct, 18 2004

Date: Dec, 13 2005
This movie clip contains a 3D
This is a 3D loop of a skull
This is a grand piano turning
A4Flash provides a collection
vector animation of a
turning 360 degrees under a
with a simulated motion blur
of multimedia flash
fobwatch dropping from above
spotlight and was designed
effect. Included in the fla
templates, and one-stop
with the case opening to
for Halloween use - movie
download is a text tutorial
flash design solution for
reveal an actual working
clips, screensaver or
on how to apply a motion
all your multimedia flash
clock. The clock takes it's
animated gif. The clip
blur to this or any other
presentation needs. Type of
time settings from the
consists of 15 frames, each
movie clip you might want to
templates available
user's PC. You can also use
a high quality png file.
including Flash, HTML, Combo
single elements in your
(Flash+HTML), Ad Intros,
animation, or replace the
Games, and Flash Add ons
clock with a photo, as in a
(Photo Album, Calendars).
locket effect.
Suitable for Website or CD
Presentations. Browse by
themes or categories,
download full source code
files instantly. Content
Management System and
shopping cart modules
available for integration
with selected templates. New
templates added on March

Date: Oct, 18 2004

Date: Oct, 13 2004

Date: Nov, 12 2004

Date: Mar, 04 2006
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