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Flash MX | PHP Tell a Friend

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Flash MX | XML Link Loader

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Flash MX | PHP Newsletter
Flash MX | XML MP3 Loader.
Flash MX | PHP Tell a Friend
Flash MX | XML Link Loader is
Subscription is an easy to
Loads mp3's from an easy to
is a simple way to add a
an easy to edit link list to
use newletter script that
edit XML file. Title of mp3
tell a friend script to your
organize links on your
allows users to subscribe
as well as the artist
flash website. Visitors
website. Completely
and unsubscribe from your
included. No need to edit
simply enter their name and
customizable to fit any
newsletter. It comes
the fla file unless you want
email address as well as
website. The links are
complete with an
to change the looks of it.
their friend's name and
dynamically generated from
administration area which
Everything is included, fla,
email address and hit send.
and XML file. Supports
will allow you to manage
xml file and sample mp3
Thats it. The person that
unlimited links.
your subscribers as well as
files as well as complete
recommends your site will
your newsletters. Flash MX
editing instructions. Check
receive a thank yo uemail
| PHP Newsletter
out the demo! All graphic
and the person that your
Subscription can send your
source files are included as
website is recommended to
newsletters in either plain
receives and email
text or rich html. All
containing the link. You can
necessary files are included
customize the thank you
as well as the editable fla
email as well as many other

Date: Jul, 02 2006

Date: Jul, 02 2006

Date: Jul, 02 2006

Date: Jul, 02 2006
Flash MX | BDLBlog is an easy
Flash MX 2004 | XML FLV Video
Funny and interesting way to
Flash open source that has
way to setup a small blog or
Player is a simple to use
promote your web site. We
been featured on
news area on your website.
video player that allows you
provide a collection of
Flash MX | BDLBlog uses a
to stream videos to Flash
flash games. Our pre-made
flat-file to store the text
using the new FLV video
Macromedia Flash games is
Ultrashock, and many more. I
to be displayed. Simply
format that Flash has
suitable for Website or CD
collection of 18
change the txt file and your
introduced. All files as
presentations. Easy to
professionally design
all set. Flash MX | BDLBlog
well as complete
redesign and use like
templates is also available
comes with complete
instructions are included.
banners. Fla sources is also
for immediate download and
instructions as well as all
is perfect for everyone from
source files and code. Edit
beginners to professionals
the appearance to easily
needing a great reference
match your website.
CD. Complete details on the

Date: Jul, 02 2006

Date: Jul, 02 2006

Date: Jun, 07 2006

Date: May, 25 2006
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