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Flash menu bar.

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G-Force Flash/MP3 player + XML

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Flash menu. With search
Inspired by Windows Vista.
This cool Flash MP3 player
Learn how to code a small
engines friendly navigation
Flash Drop Down Menu. Great
has a clean metallic
flash game with some physics
settings in the form of
looking dark design with
interface (Winamp-like). It
effects with this game.
ordinary HTML links.
colored highlighting.
is powered by a Macromedia
Full source code commented
Extension for Dreamweaver.
Submenu drops over HTML
SWF file that takes it's
Professionally designed
content of a page. The flash
data from an XML file for a
horizontal navigation bar.
menu has navigation settings
playlist. Also, this player
Many parameters for
in the form of ordinary HTML
has the ability to change
customization, search
links which can be read by
the Background color and
feature. That can be used
any search engine. Stunning
interface 'tint' color
for Google search.
flash menu without usual
through an extra 2 XML
flash drawbacks. Small file
files. Comes also with .FLA
size. Easy configuration.
editing sorce. Custom
Designs also available.
Contact webmaster @
GForce-designs.co.uk for
custom work.

Date: Dec, 26 2006

Date: Dec, 26 2006

Date: Dec, 13 2006

Date: Dec, 13 2006
Flash buttons library with
Clip art for macromedia
Easy to use flash menu, can
This is a menu made in Flash
sounds and effects developed
flash, works with macromedia
be configured by an external
MX, it does not require
by adriantnt.com
flashMX, MX2004 and MX2004
XML file, edit this XML file
Flash to be used, all you
Pro. This library contains
with a text editor like
need is to enter the swf
design elements like: rain
windows notepad. You can
file in your web page and
drops, fire, sport balls,
have 1 to 20 buttons, after
edit a configuration file.
lightning, lifs, stars and
you remove buttons you can
other elements, just drag
resize the flash file so you
and drop them in your flash
don`t have any empty
space. Available
options: - buttons text,
URL to open and target
frame - buttons color,
normal and rollover -
buttons text color, normal
and rollover - number of
buttons - text shadow
color - sounds volume -
menu movement, true or false

Date: Nov, 28 2006

Date: Nov, 28 2006

Date: Nov, 28 2006

Date: Nov, 28 2006
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