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Thumbnail Gallery (Flash)

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IMG Loop

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This is an image gallery
The vScroller is a continuous
This component can be used
IMG Loop Flash Component
Flash component with
vertical scrolling image and
either as a mask, or as a
creates continuous image
thumbnails, preloader, and
text component that is fully
solid, animated object, to
scroll. Component supports
descriptions of the images.
dynamic and easily
provide attractive, dynamic,
XML, RSS 2.0 as well as
To add files and projects,
updateable with XML! Edit
easily customized transition
direct data input. All of
all you have to do is copy
the simple xml document to
effects. Several
the component properties can
the images to the
define the images, titles,
transition types are
be modified to seamlessly
captions and the appearance
provided including
integrate with your project.
directories. This uses PHP
of the continuous vertical
variations of radial wipes,
to automatically generate an
scroller. No need to worry
linear wipes and randomly
XML file of the images found
about resizing the images,
scattered transitions. Basic
in the directories.
the vScroller can set the
base shapes are provided,
image dimensions before its
but it's also easy to create
displayed, all that is
and use your own
required is the image path
in the XML.

Date: Jan, 07 2007

Date: Jan, 07 2007

Date: Jan, 07 2007

Date: Dec, 29 2006
Trio Image Gallery is
Create Flash photo galleries
Trio Flash Chat is a
Burble Flash Music Player is
provided as a Macromedia
using a simple XML file very
Dreamweaver extension. This
a high interactive flash MP3
Dreamweaver Extension and as
quickly. Includes samples
extension allows you to add
player for web sites in
a Flash Component. This
and component file.
a pleasant and singular chat
which you can control most
componetn will allow you to
to your website's pages. It
of features through a visual
conform a simple image
uses Flash and PHP
interface using Dreamweaver,
gallery for a product's
technologies along with a
so you donít need advanced
showcase or a family album.
powerful performance. You
skills to use it. This
The identifyng
don't need to refresh the
player has a really
characteristic of this
page to keep on chatting,
attractive design, and can
gallery is it's elegant
allowing users to keep the
be used in two visualization
presentation of the pictures
conversation thread.
modes: with the playlist or
as well as the easy way of
without it. Using the player
achieving a fast publication
without the playlist offers
of image galleries.
the possibility of inserts
it in a little area of your
web and on the other hand
using it with the playlist
offer the users more
interactive options, useful
when the audio is a relevant
content on the web.

Date: Dec, 25 2006

Date: Dec, 25 2006

Date: Dec, 24 2006

Date: Dec, 24 2006
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