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Clickable USA Interactive Map

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ADG MP3 Player

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Configurable interactive map
Flash MX 2004 | PHP Form
This is a small free Flash
The Deluxe Photo Gallery
of the United States for
Prcocessor w/comboBox
MP3 Player by AfterDeath
offers users the option to
installation on your
Support version 2.0 now has
Graphics Allows to stream
display multiple gallery
website. Features include:
combo box/ drop down
one mp3 and reads the song
selections with a different
setting state colors,
support. With a new fresh
name from a text file.
music choice for each
rollover colors, click
look, now anyone can recieve
gallery. Also, the gallery
actions, click target, add
data from their website in
has the option to display
text, insert markers, and
Flash. Easy to edit PHP file
descriptions for each image,
more.... Small file size and
will support unlimited input
as well as a slide show to
low cost. Integrate dynamic
fields. Complete
view the gallery without the
data from a database, web
instructions as well as
hassle of clicking the next
page form, and or script.
support for Flash MX 2004 |
button. Installing the
MapTron product 1101v4
PHP Form Prcocessor
gallery is simple, just
w/comboBox. Comes complete
place your images in the
with all editable source
images directory and open
files (commented fla)as well
the .html file. Within
as instructions. If you have
seconds you have a
any questions, please feel
professional looking gallery
free to contact me.
for your website.

Date: Nov, 09 2006

Date: Oct, 26 2006

Date: Oct, 06 2006

Date: Jun, 13 2006
Sliding Menu. Complete
A Blog is a Journal or Diary
SWF Protect 1.5 can help you
Create Flash Button
controlled by flash
that is available on the
to Encrypt and Protect your
Navigation Bars with ease.
actionscript. Can be use as
Web. The activity of
Macromedia Flash® SWF Files
Use custom Fonts, MP3
a navigation component at
updating a blog is
from ActionScript
Sounds, Text Color, Button
any where. Completely
"blogging" and
Decompilers. SWF Protect
Color Tinting, Text
written in flash.
someone who keeps a blog is
1.5 Current
a "blogger". Blogs
version. Movieclip
Horizontal or Vertical
are typically updated daily
Navigation. Output direct
using software that allow
obfuscation. Button
to any web pages, direct to
people with little or no
MS Frontpage (with included
technical background to
obfuscation. SWF Protect
FrontPage Addin), MS
maintain or add to their
1.5 can defeat the sothink
PowerPoint Slide Navigation
blogs with just the push of
deompiler mx 2005 and other
(with inlcuded PowerPoint
a button. (no HTML
decompiler tools.
Addin), Windows EXEs,
experience is needed !)
Windows ScreenSavers.
Flash Blogger lets you
Simple to use for anyone,
create, edit and publish
Beginner or Advanced.
your blog entries to the Web.
InstantFX SE Navigation
Maker is an essential item
for anyone who wants quick
and simple Flash button
making. Import new button
libraries for more choice
(registered users only).
URL and number of button
restrictions on unregistered
version. Flash FLA
Template inlcuded along with
Library Compiler for flash
developers to create,
distribute and sell custom
button libraries. Over
100 free additional flash
button templates available
for import to registered

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Date: Nov, 04 2005
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