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Acorn catcher

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ADG MP3 Player

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Applets by Andrei

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Bird hunter

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A fun game where you try to
This is a small free Flash
Features: All applets are
Use the aimer to shoot as
catch acorn with the
MP3 Player by AfterDeath
controlled by external XML
many birds as possible in 60
squirrels. Catch as many as
Graphics Allows to stream
configuration files,
seconds. Hit the timer to
possible before time runs
one mp3 and reads the song
including most interface
get extra time.
out. Limes are extra points
name from a text file.
colors, speeds (in the case
and tomatos are extra time.
of ticker applets), and
other effects. These XML
files are editable using
Textpad (www.textpad.com) or
any other good plain text
editor. For the gallery
and news feed applets, items
can be quickly added,
removed, and re-ordered
simply by changing lines in
the XML configuration file,
which is loaded externally
at run-time. Control the
link target and URLs via
this file. 100% of the
Flash source code (.fla
files, .as files) is
included, including all True
Type font files, where
needed. JPG images and
MP3 sound files are stored
externally to the Flash SWF,
and loaded only at run-time.
Please note that JPGs must
be non-progressive. Other
image types, like GIF or
PNG, are not allowed.

Date: Aug, 04 2005

Date: Oct, 06 2006

Date: Aug, 21 2005

Date: Aug, 04 2005
Use this mini flash embedded
Configurable interactive map
A Blog is a Journal or Diary
The Flash tweening is the
video by adding your own
of the United States for
that is available on the
most interesting part of
masked text or effects. The
installation on your
Web. The activity of
Flash. It directly
video has been optimized for
website. Features include:
updating a blog is
influences the way animation
file size and weighs in at a
setting state colors,
"blogging" and
is done. Consider that you
respectable 48k so it will
rollover colors, click
someone who keeps a blog is
have to create an animated
load quite fast. This is a
actions, click target, add
a "blogger". Blogs
ball on the timeline that
great effect since users
text, insert markers, and
are typically updated daily
moves from one point to
will click on this flash
more.... Small file size and
using software that allow
another in about 5 seconds.
video even if the words/text
low cost. Integrate dynamic
people with little or no
means nothing - it's just
data from a database, web
technical background to
the rich video gets em, and
page form, and or script.
maintain or add to their
I've tested it to great
MapTron product 1101v4
blogs with just the push of
a button. (no HTML
experience is needed !)
Flash Blogger lets you
create, edit and publish
your blog entries to the Web.

Date: Aug, 30 2005

Date: Nov, 09 2006

Date: Mar, 28 2006

Date: Jul, 23 2005
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