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Applets by Andrei


Applets by Andrei

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Features: All applets are controlled by external XML configuration files, including most interface colors, speeds (in the case of ticker applets), and other effects. These XML files are editable using Textpad (www.textpad.com) or any other good plain text editor. For the gallery and news feed applets, items can be quickly added, removed, and re-ordered simply by changing lines in the XML configuration file, which is loaded externally at run-time. Control the link target and URLs via this file. 100% of the Flash source code (.fla files, .as files) is included, including all True Type font files, where needed. JPG images and MP3 sound files are stored externally to the Flash SWF, and loaded only at run-time. Please note that JPGs must be non-progressive. Other image types, like GIF or PNG, are not allowed.
Platform(s): n/a
Date: Aug, 21 2005
Author: Andrei, http://www.tufat.com/script45.htm


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