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custom cursor

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Dreamlinestudio Flash Templates

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FlaPops - Flash Builder

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this is a very easy to
Features: Configure any
Professional Flash Templates,
FlaPops is a step-by-step
understand and easy to do
color in the gallery by
Flash Intros, Website
program for designing short
tutorial. 1.open
editing the XML
Templates. Leaders in flash
Flash movies or
flash. 2.start a new flash
configuration file. Top
website development, own
presentations. It includes
document or continue
menu configuration: re-order
your own flash website
14 designs which can be
one. 3.create the movie
the menus by changing the
without spending thousands
customized. The included
clip you want to use for
indentation. Add pages
to web design firms
designs can be used by
your cursor. 4.asign the
to the DocViewer by adding
themselves or as a part of a
movie clip these
lines to the XML file. Store
web page, like an animated
actions... onClipEvent
JPGs in any file location on
section displaying your
(enterFrame) {
your server, or in http://
message. Create your Flash
setProperty(this, _x,
locations. DTD file can
animation or Flash splash
be used to validate the
intro with FlaPops and
setProperty(this, _y,
XML. Tooltips are easily
create it quickly. Keeping
configurable via the
the process to a simple 3
Mouse.hide(); } 5.just
external XML file. 100%
steps, you can customize,
copy and paste it. 6.press
of the Flash souce code is
then select your design, and
control and enter to see
included with your purchase.
create your Flash splash
your custom cursor!
Requires Flash 2004
intro. You can also use
Professional to edit.
the Flash splash intros as
testimonial scrollers on the
side of a webpage, or as
square Flash advertisements.
Use your imagination with
what you can create with
short animation items.

Date: Aug, 04 2005

Date: Aug, 14 2005

Date: Jul, 23 2005

Date: Sep, 07 2005
The Deluxe Photo Gallery
With the release of Flash MX
Flash MX 2004 | PHP Form
Simple but powerful, just
offers users the option to
2004, a new arena was opened
Prcocessor w/comboBox
edit the .xml file and you
display multiple gallery
up for Flash Programmers
Support version 2.0 now has
are ready to
selections with a different
called the Flash Javascript
combo box/ drop down
go... FlashNavbar is made
music choice for each
API. The programmers can now
support. With a new fresh
in Flash™ but you don't need
gallery. Also, the gallery
extend the Flash authoring
look, now anyone can recieve
it to edit the style. You
has the option to display
environment itself to
data from their website in
can customize it using a
descriptions for each image,
execute customized tasks
Flash. Easy to edit PHP file
simple text editor (NotePad,
as well as a slide show to
making life much easier.
will support unlimited input
WordPad etc.). Editing
view the gallery without the
fields. Complete
the variables in the .xml
hassle of clicking the next
instructions as well as
you will change
button. Installing the
support for Flash MX 2004 |
everything: Background
gallery is simple, just
PHP Form Prcocessor
color Navbar color Main
place your images in the
w/comboBox. Comes complete
buttons color Sub buttons
images directory and open
with all editable source
color Alpha value of the
the .html file. Within
files (commented fla)as well
main rollover Button text
seconds you have a
as instructions. If you have
Button link Button
professional looking gallery
any questions, please feel
target (if you have target
for your website.
free to contact me.

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