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FlaPops - Flash Builder


FlaPops - Flash Builder

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FlaPops is a step-by-step program for designing short Flash movies or presentations. It includes 14 designs which can be customized. The included designs can be used by themselves or as a part of a web page, like an animated section displaying your message. Create your Flash animation or Flash splash intro with FlaPops and create it quickly. Keeping the process to a simple 3 steps, you can customize, then select your design, and create your Flash splash intro. You can also use the Flash splash intros as testimonial scrollers on the side of a webpage, or as square Flash advertisements. Use your imagination with what you can create with short animation items.
Platform(s): Windows
Date: Sep, 07 2005
Author: IntroWizard Technologies, http://www.introwizard.com/flapops/


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