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Bird hunter

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Flash Website Builder is an
Create awesome slide puzzles
Use the aimer to shoot as
An electronic circuit can be
easy way to create your own
for promotion, online games
many birds as possible in 60
designed in this project.
Flash web site. Features
or just for fun using any
seconds. Hit the timer to
You can not save and run for
like automatic text website
image you like! The
get extra time.
now. I wont develop this any
creation for search engines
InstantFX SE Flash Slide
more, but you will learn
and plug-ins for Flash
Puzzle Maker can create 3x3
right click, XML file usage
polls, chatboxes, or
or 4x4 slide puzzles with
and some good ActionScript
guestbooks from
ease. Output direct to
FreeFlashIntros.com are also
any web pages, direct to MS
available in it, not to
Frontpage (with included
mention the Flash website
FrontPage Addin), or even
builder was designed for
self contained Windows
simplicity. Easily make
executables (.EXEs) for
your own Flash website by
sending via email to friends
selecting a design and
and family! Customise
typing in your content, and
color, end of game MP3
clicking 'Create!' You also
sound, messages, titles and
can create an unlimited
links. Different
amount of Flash websites for
templates to choose from and
customers, friends, or
import more as they are
yourself that you can sell
developed using the template
in web design jobs and make
import features (Import
money from! And you can
restricted to registered
still reach out to search
users only). Turn photos
engines with the option to
into fun and challenge
have an automatically
friends or family to solve
created text website too.
the puzzle in the shortest
The Flash Website Builder is
possible time and least
also a good additional
source of designs and
creativity for web design!
The advantages of the
Flash Website Builder
include the special
automatic text website
creation for search engine
indexing feature helps your
text content and images to
still be found by search

Date: Sep, 07 2005

Date: Aug, 04 2005

Date: Aug, 04 2005

Date: Aug, 11 2005
Who says creating your online
Whether you are new to the
Features: Configure any
The Flash tweening is the
identity has to be
web and need a presence or
color in the gallery by
most interesting part of
complicated and expensive?
just need to give your site
editing the XML
Flash. It directly
Our ready-made professional
a professional look, we have
configuration file. Top
influences the way animation
templates help you create
hundreds of templates and
menu configuration: re-order
is done. Consider that you
your personal or business
full sites to give you and
the menus by changing the
have to create an animated
website with ease and at a
your visitors a unique
indentation. Add pages
ball on the timeline that
fraction of the cost of
experience, from HTML and
to the DocViewer by adding
moves from one point to
hiring a website designer.
Flash templates and full
lines to the XML file. Store
another in about 5 seconds.
HTML Templates (FrontPage
websites to PHP-Nuke Themes
JPGs in any file location on
& Dreamweaver
and osCommerce, all
your server, or in http://
compatible) Flash Templates
customisable. We have
locations. DTD file can
(also SWiSH) PHP-Nuke
two pricing schemes starting
be used to validate the
Themed Templates Logo
from as little as 10.00 to
XML. Tooltips are easily
Templates Corporate
buy a template or if you pay
configurable via the
Identity Templates and
our unique price we will
external XML file. 100%
more! FREE Sample
take your template out of
of the Flash souce code is
Templates to try also!
our listings and no else
included with your purchase.
will be able to purchase it.
Requires Flash 2004
Professional to edit.

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Date: Jul, 23 2005
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