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Smoothflash! Professional Flash Gallery


Smoothflash! Professional Flash Gallery

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Smoothflash is an online gallery for viewing images in a good-looking, yet functional layout. It is easy to setup - and to update your gallery with new images and comments. It is ideal for small businesses, art galleries, professional photographers and personal websites. 1)Dynamic+Stylish! Build your own 100% database-driven, dynamic website and stylish flash photo gallery today! 2)Easy to Use! Smoothflash is designed so that even the most non-technical person is able to build a highly functional and sophisticated website with built-in CMS. 3)Affordable! Smoothflash is absolutely cost-effective and ideal for start-up companies or for projects with small budgets that require an advanced solution. 4)Feature Rich! Fully loaded! The Package includes WYSIWYG editor, XML-based flash gallery, dynamic webform, advanced template engine and more... 5)Customizable! Smoothflash is highly customizable. Simply apply your own layout, design and script to Smoothflash.
Platform(s): Windows
Date: Sep, 30 2005
Author: Lotus Web Studios, Inc., http://www.smoothflash.com/


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