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Enhance your Customer Support
WebSupportLive.Com offers
Fully automated Web based
Omnistar Live is a
immediatly. Handling support
Live chat software as well
help desk service. Features:
comprhensive Customer
inefficiently results in
as Full outsourcing Customer
unique ticket number
Relationship Management
lost customers - without
Service Solutions such as
assigned to every request,
solution that gives you the
knowing why. This product
Live Chat, Email Management,
unlimited forwarding for
ability to communicate with
was developed to offer any
Virtual Offices and Customer
escalation and additional
anyone coming to your web
sized company an easy,
Monitoring. WebSupportLive
info requests, chat style
site in real time. In
efficient, and cost
BizCHAT is a hosted software
comments to facilitate
addition to supporting your
effective way to handle
solution similiar to
internal correspondence,
clients and site visitors in
customer support on your
humanclick/liverperson but
automated FAQ maintenance,
real time, Omnistar Live
website. You have the
at a fraction of their cost.
templates based
also provides help desk
ability to add unlimited
customization, easy setup
trouble ticket tracking and
support techs to the system,
and more.
a customizable and
unique ticket tracking and
searchable knowledge base.
post tracking systems, staff
The remotely hosted version
ratings et al. Full
is $24.95/operator and the
Statistics for your
installable server version
SupportClient to keep track
is $99.95/year.
of posting, activity,
customer satisfaction,
customer retention, and a
lot more.

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Date: May, 06 2002

Date: Jan, 25 2002

Date: Jan, 21 2002
ChatAnywhere is a completely
myKB is a professional
Aczena SiteChat allows you to
Get1on1 offers a live
hosted application that
Knowledge Base application
have real time chat
customer chat service for
allows you to provide live
that easily and simply
conversations with the
your web site. You can
sales chat, voice/video
integrates into your
visitors on your site.
simply add a button lablled
conferencing, and web based
website. All data for your
Aczena SiteChat requires no
"click here for live
presentations. ChatAnywhere
knowledge base is easily
installations and is
customer support",
is completely web based and
handled with an
provided on an Application
which your web site visitors
requires zero software,
administration control
Service Provider basis.
can click to launch a text
downloads, or plug-ins to be
center. "Admin"
chat conversation with a
installed on your operator
accounts have access to your
live customer service
station or web server.
myKB.com settings,
representative. There are no
"Editor" accounts
downloads - your browser
have access to edit and
acts as the operator control
approve your knowledge base
panel. Available in a free
content, and
version and a paid version.
"Reader" accounts
have access to view internal
only information. myKB has
multiple levels of security
to track both your internal
and external information.
All your product information
will be organized,
searchable, and easy to
navigate for your customers.
Now your employee policies
and procedures, 401K
documentation, phone
extension lists, and other
private information can be
distributed in an organized
fashion to your employees.

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