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Are you taking advantage of
Livehelper is a customer
Add FREE real-time chat to
With Velaro you can chat with
suggestions from your
service tool for your
your web site at NO CHARGE!
your customers and web site
employees and customers?
website that enables web
Offer your customers the
visitors in real-time using
With eSuggestions you will
site visitors to instantly
opportunity to complete a
our live chat service. You
save time organizing
receive live help from your
sale by getting the
can also monitor your web
valuable suggestions by
personnel. Visitors to your
information they want and
site visitors in real time,
allowing employees to log in
web site simply click a Live
need to buy your products
add integrated surveys to
and rate suggestions in
Help button and are
when they are
your website, and view
addition to commenting on
connected with one of your
ready! Provide the
comprehensive web site
whether they are worth
representatives. Your
QuickBEEP fully-functional
traffic analysis. Velaro's
implementing or not.
representative then assists
live customer support chat
hosted solution is used on
the visitor by providing
service to your web site’s
hundreds of web sites, and
information, links,
visitors so you never have
has been providing customers
graphics, or even guiding
to lose another sale
with comprehensive, proven,
them through your web site.
again! With QuickBEEP’s
and reliable web based chat
Livehelper features include
Live Chat you can engage
for over five years.
Real Time Spell Check,
your potential customers
Customizable Interface, SSL
before they leave your web
Secure Chat, Voice Chat,
site! Quickly and easily
Remote Control and more. Try
get QuickBEEP’s Live Chat on
all of Livehelper’s features
your web site and start
risk free for 10 days; visit
engaging your web site’s
our site to learn more.
visitors anytime from
anywhere. It’s FREE and FUN!
No obligation and NO CHARGE!

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Date: Nov, 09 2004
Hostik Live Chat Service
Feature packed web based help
iHelp - online sales and
A customizable hosted
gives your web site visitors
desk. - Bulletin board
customer support for your
customer support service.
live sales and customer
style communications - File
web site iHelp offers a
Customers can initiate
service - Monitor your
attachments - Email based
timely and cost-effective
tickets via email or by
traffic, qualify leads and
ticket submission with
solution to communicate live
logging into the web
engage your visitors. It's
support for html-only
with your web site visitors
interface. Ticket ID numbers
only $22.49 a month for up
messages and multiple file
at the right time,
remain in subject of email
to 5 Operators and 3
attachments - Intelligent
converting them into loyal
tickets. Status codes are
Departments. Live Chat does
ticket routing using
customers and building
color coded and
not requires any hardware,
departments and 4 tiers
strong, long-lasting
customizable. Supports
software, plug-ins,
escalation model - Customer
unlimited techs/admins and
downloads, or programming
database for easy tracking
relationships How iHelp
customers. Dapper Desk will
languages installations.
of customer details like
works for your web site
page you when new tickets
contact info or service
operators - The web site
are entered into the system.
options - Multilingual
operators will see in
Older tickets are archived
interface - Free trial
real-time extensive details
and viewable by customers
about all the visitors
and admins/techs. Custom
browsing your web site
autoresponse messages save
monitored pages. - The
your techs time. FAQ
operators can send a
software provides your
proactive chat invitation to
customers with answers to
any web site visitor, or the
their questions. 11
visitor can click the live
different themes provided or
chat button on your web
customize your own theme.
pages to request online
Works in a web browser, no
assistance. - The
software to download.
operator will chat with the
Hosted on our network - easy
visitor, or he can
transparently redirect the
chat to another operator;
all the chats are
automatically recorded for
future reference. How
iHelp works for your web
site visitors - When
your web site visitors need
help, they can click on the
iHelp live chat buttons
embedded in your web site
pages. - A new chat
window will open on the
visitor's browser, and one
of the web site operators
will be notified of the
visitor's chat request.
- If none of the web
site operators is online or
all of them are busy, the
visitor will be prompted to
leave you an offline
message. Start using
iHelp in three easy steps
- Register for an iHelp
account and receive a 30
days free trial period;
- Login to your iHelp
account to copy the iHelp
HTML tags in your web pages;
- Install the iHelp
Operator application to
answer chats and manage

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Date: Sep, 07 2004

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Date: May, 21 2004
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