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ARH Live Support Hosting

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Live support hosting for your
GetAHelpdesk.com is an Online
Get a 100% Free, remotely
ProvideSupport is an online
website, for just $3 per
HelpDesk for Customer
hosted online help desk
service that allows you to
month (introductory offer!)
Support Service with Free
customer support solution.
chat with your website
Tons of features, including
service plan. If You have
Provide a superior level of
visitors, enabling you to
a modifiable header and
problems with SPAM, Viruses,
customer service for your
give instant online customer
Emails Bouncing, Spam
visitors through our web
support and proactively sell
Filters and unable to
based help desk software.
your product. This
support your users
Instead of just
web-hosted system means you
effectively, GetAHelpdesk
letting customers email you
donít have to worry about
will help You to solve these
with their support requests,
server capacity, bandwidth
problems. With GetAHelpdesk
why not have them open a
usage, system upgrades and
You can create your own
support ticket on a
other issues. An optional
virtual helpdesk and be able
professional online help
web-based operator console
to support your users with
desk. That way you
allows you to monitor your
the help of your own ticket
can manage and prioritize
website for chat requests
system. There is no need for
your customer support issues
24/7 from any location, from
email communication but it's
to provide a much higher
any system connected to the
an additional option.
level of customer service.
Internet. The system
Effective customer
supports 128-bit SSL
relationship management is
encryption and features
critical for your website
visitor monitoring with
and a having professional
geographic location
online help desk is an
identification, proactive
integral part of any CRM
chat, operator-to-operator
solution. Best of all
chats, and automatic chat
web based helpdesk solution
transcript emailing. Very
only takes a few minutes to
easy to set up -just paste a
get and up running. Create
small HTML snippet into your
and account, perform some
web page source code. No
basic configuration, create
plug-ins or software
a link on your website to
installation required on
your online helpdesk and you
customerís side. Fully
are ready to go. With
customizable. No setup fee,
unlimited groups, users and
no contracts, and no hidden
a built in message center
for your staff its easy to
organize, prioritize,
coordinate and execute
on time critical customer
support issues. Remember
happy visitors are repeat
visitors. Not running an
ecommerce website? No
problem, our online help
desk software is great for
any website, whether you
just want to have a SPAM
free way to communicate with
your visitors or you want
to provide professional
after sales support,
HelpDeskEngine makes it
easy and very affordable.

Date: Aug, 14 2005

Date: Aug, 14 2005

Date: Aug, 11 2005

Date: Jul, 19 2005
Are you looking for a
HostedLogic offer hosted
Excellent program for
ExDesk offers a web based
Customer Relationship
solutions for PerlDesk, our
webmasters unable to
help desk software and
Management (CRM) or Help
help desk product. Using
host/install their own
customer service solution
Desk solution? Whether you
PerlDesk you can manage your
scripts. Be notified
for your IT support, service
are a webmaster of a
comapanies support and
whenever someone submits a
provider, and E-business
personal website, or the HR
emails effectively. Hosting
support request, and use the
needs. ExDesk provides full
Manager for an international
it with us ensures maximum
system to reply. Highly
customization, rapid
company, Global Site Support
reliability and a fully
modifiable via HTML. Will
deployment, and affordable
will save you enormous time
managed solution.
suit any type of website!
ease of use.
and costs when managing
customer communication and
support. Global Site
Support is a fully supported
enterprise Customer
Relationship Management
(CRM) / Help Desk solution
designed to help you manage
all email and other forms of
correspondence with your
customers. You are not
required to install any
software, or upgrade any
hardware. Unlike competitive
CRM and Help Desk products
we host the service on a
fully secure centralised
platform, which your staff
can access over the
internet, from within your
organisation or from home.

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Date: Apr, 16 2005
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