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HalFire.com is a FREE Live
HalFire.com provides: -
InfinitySupport is the
OneClickChat offers a
Automated Help, Guide or
24/7 Automated Live
preeminent billing, sales,
complete online sales and
Expert for your website.
Assistant for your
technical support backbone
customer service solution
With Halfire.com you can
visitors - Website specific
for web hosting companies
for e-commerce web sites,
provide interactive
Automated Live Experts -
providing 24/7 phone/voice,
helping organizations to
functionality for your
Product Guides that help you
email, helpdesk and live
increase their revenue and
visitors. Features include:
increase your Market and
chat, also specializing in
improve the productivity of
- Up and Running in 5
Profit - A Live Helper to
software and systems
the sales and customer
Minutes!! - 24/7 Automated
maximize your Affiliate
administration. Our
service teams. Using
Live Assistant for your
Program Income - A fun
founders and staff have been
OneClickChat, organizations
visitors - Website specific
interactive Chat for your
a part of some of the
can communicate live with
Automated Live Experts -
Visitors The possibilities
biggest web hosts in the
their web site visitors at
Product Guides that help you
for using HalFire are
industry and supported tens
the right time, converting
increase your Market and
endless, just use your
of thousands of customer
them into loyal customers
Profit - A Live Helper to
imagination. How do I
domains. We've supported
and building strong,
maximize your Affiliate
get started? Simply
everything from standards
long-lasting customer
Program Income - A fun
create an FREE account and
such as cpanel on stand
interactive Chat for your
you are away in a matter of
alone dedicated servers to
OneClickChat Benefits -
Visitors - Totally Free -
minutes. You will begin by
proprietary customer control
Increase your online
MAKE MONEY in the Halfire
training your own personal
panels on distributed
revenues by chatting with
Market Place - Easy to
Halfire Minion (This is your
clustered networks. *
your web site visitors and
configure - New Features
own personal automated
Domain Name Management -
converting them to loyal
added all the time -
intelligence created by
Domain Name Registration,
customers; - Increase your
Helpful Forum for Problem
you!!). When you are ready
DNS Changes, Registrar
order sizes by helping your
Solving - Your own secure
to link your new Minion to
Transfers, Name Changes *
customers find the items
Account The PHP module and
your website, you will be
Server Management &
they want and cross-selling
stylesheet now allow more
provided with a small piece
Configuration - Webserver,
related products; -
customisation for your site.
of code. This code will be
Database, DNS, Mailserver,
Increase your customers
placed on your site to
FTP * Clients - Email
loyalty and confidence by
activate your Halfire
clients(Eudora, Microsoft
showing them that a live
Minion. How much does it
Outlook Express, Microsoft
operator is just a click
cost and what do I need?
Outlook 2000, Microsoft
away; - Increase your
Your Halfire Minion is
Outlook 2002 Netscape Mail,
customers satisfaction by
free and all you need is a
Pegasus Mail) , FTP clients(
offering shorter waiting
website you can put a link
CuteFTP, WS_FTP LE, Smart
times and immediate answers
on so your visitors can
FTP, Frontpage Publish) ,
to their questions;
access your Halfire Minion.
SSH clients (Putty, Secure
No programming or hosting.
Crt, FiSSH Secure
Shell Client) * Web
Authoring tools - Fro

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CRMdesk is a web-based help
Create a free remotely hosted
Our live chat support
TiNSupport provides you with
desk software that allows
FAQ (Frequently Asked
solution will give the
the ability to have
customer support automation
Questions) page for your
flexibility to give live
one-to-one conversations
through Internet; you will
website that also includes a
support for any site. Try
with many clients. The
be able to respond to your
Contact Us form for users to
now with this. Free version
client interfaces with a
customer's requests more
fill out to ask you
is available for one month.
single support person whilst
effectively and will have
We hope it will give you the
that support person can be
better success in attracting
best performance and
having several different
new customers. The system
reliability. It is
conversations. Features
is deployed as a
supporting now to install in
of the helpdesk chat
cost-effective hosted
your own server. And
application include; 1. HTML
solution, so it won't
definitely we are now giving
formatting 2. Preformated
require big investments. You
the solution to you in a
responses 3. The ability to
will never have a headache
very low price.
ban chatters 4. The
with all the technical
designation of support
problems like security,
requests 5. The ability to
reliability and maintenance
save conversations 6.
Multiple skins

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