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Customer Support


Live Representative

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Provide your clients or
Eduinfo InstaHelp is a free
Marshelp is a powerful and
Chattist is a live support
visitors with real-time
service that provides
flexible web based help desk
tool that will allow you to
support. Live Representative
webmasters with Live Website
that helps a company expand
have to offer live customer
is a inexpensive real-time
Monitoring and Enables the
its internet presence by
service on your website.
hosted chat solution that
visitoors to chat with the
increasing interactivity on
Easy to install and
can be access from any
webmaster whenever he is
its site. The solution is a
configure on your website.
browser at anytime. Why make
online. This service is
cost effective method of
Can be remotely hosted by
your clients or visitors
aimed at small websites
customer support that
us, or directly installed on
wait to receive your
whose webmasters work from
resolves, manages and tracks
your servers. Effective
response when you can talk
home. The service has two
customer sales or service
customer service tool.
to them live. Just
parts: 1. A small 5 line
issues on the website
copy/paste our simple HTML
javascript code which must
without the hassles usually
code into your website and
be embedded on each page of
involved in performing such
your live.
the website; 2. A small
tasks, such as transaction
operator software.
and communication costs,
while at the same time
allowing customers to get
the sales or service support
they need as and when they
need it.

Date: Nov, 25 2002

Date: Nov, 11 2002

Date: Nov, 11 2002

Date: Oct, 30 2002
A fast and easy way to enable
ActiveReply is web-based
HumanHelp allows you to
Provide live online customer
Live Support on your site.
customer relationship
monitor and interact with
support services on your web
You simply copy and paste
management (CRM) solution
visitors on your website.
site. View and chat with
simple HTML code directly
for small to medium
Features: visitor monitor,
visitors as they navigate
into your webpage's and
businesses, specializing in
report generator, instant
your site.
begin providing Live Support.
online customer service,
messaging, rapid responses,
technical support and sales
audio/video integration,
force automation. With
email checker, customizable
ActiveReply you can easily
interface, integrated
track and view all your
support. Instant Setup. Easy
communications to ensure
Integration. User-Friendly
that your customers are
Support. No Software
never left waiting for a
Installation. No Hardware
reply. Because there is no
Purchase. No Term Contracts.
software to download you can
No Setup Fees.
manage your customer service
from any Internet
connection. And by using the
customziable styles and
templates your customers
will never know they have
left your site.

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Date: Jul, 23 2002
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