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CodeThatPacker is a powerful
Create your personal text
we made an EXE file that will
Ace PopUp Generator Software
JavaScript compression
& image scrollers for
convert Flash html to
is a code generator that
utility. CodeThatPacker
NS4x/6x, IE4x/5x/6x with
javascript in preparation
takes the fuss out of making
removes comments and
this new online code
for the IE 7 Update. This
reliable popup window code.
whitespaces from your
generator. No programming
should make it easy to
Besides the code generation,
scripts, supports all
skills required.
prepare your flash for use
it also opens and tests the
JavaScript syntax including
in a webpage by using a
window, live, so you can see
regular expressions and
javascript include script.
the results instantly. No
automatic semicolon
You simply browse for an
more tediously revising and
insertion, can copy several
HTML file or copy and paste
modifying your popup window
js-files into one,
your html code into the text
code to get it to function
compresses JavaScript in
area. When your done click
just right.
HTML files. CodeThatPacker
"Step 2" to
represented by both
Convert your HTML
attractive GUI wizard and
code. After converting my
command prompt tool with
Flash HTML code to
understandable set of
javascript, I can then use
commands. Trial version
it in my projects as an
limits size of files it is
included .JS file. The
capable to work with. PRO
Converter automatically
version supports all
creates the javascript
features of standard plus
include code that you can
replaces internal variables
paste into your page to
with short names and
display your Flash.
obfuscates string constants
(replaces them with escaped
values). Developers edition
(dll) available.

Date: Nov, 26 2003

Date: Nov, 26 2003

Date: Nov, 16 2003

Date: Aug, 28 2003
E_Cloaker converts email
WebDev Suite SC is a
SiteSearch Indexer is an
Installs on your web site an
addresses and text into
browser-based, powerful web
inexpensive yet effective
instant opt-in window that's
browser-readable Unicode,
development environment
way to add search
not stopped by the popup
making it more difficult for
written entirely in
capabilities to your website
killers - get your opt-in
spam extractor 'bots to
JavaScript and DHTML. While
or CD-ROM project.
message to over 95% of your
harvest email addresses from
it can serve as a good
Basically, it is a program
web site visitors! Visitor
your web page. Using
replacement for NotePad, it
that a web author can use to
just clicks OK to subscribe.
Unicoded addresses
also offers many powerful
generate a searchable index
The window can be dragged
throughout your site
features for Web page
of their web site. This
around the screen like any
significantly reduces the
authors and programmers.
searchable index can be in
normal popup, but it's all
amount of spam you receive.
Some of them are: syntax
the form of a javascript
done with dynamic HTML so
highlighting for HTML, CSS,
file that gets searched on
popup killers can't touch
and JavaScript. It uses
the client, or it can be in
it. Just fill in a few
dynamic preview templates
the form of an XML file that
values in the software,
and your default Internet
can be searched on the
check it looks okay via the
browser for previewing web
server. A client-side
auto-preview function, and
pages. The new version of
javascript approach to
click to generate the code.
WebDev Suite SC5.0 includes:
searching will work over the
Easily installed, and search
scHTML Editor, acidCSS
web or even in server-less
engine friendly.
Editor, HTML compiler,
environments like CD-ROM,
Ultimate CSS, form wizard,
hard disk or floppy disk. No
GUI wizard, IE5.5 Scrollbar
programming is necessary -
Color Wizard, popup window
support files are included
with SiteSearch Indexer to
help you implement your

Date: Aug, 28 2003

Date: Aug, 28 2003

Date: Jul, 04 2003

Date: Jun, 24 2003
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