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SiteSearch Indexer is an
Flexible DHTML menu builder
SplineTech JavaScript HTML
Calculate on the WEB. Convert
inexpensive yet effective
to easily create
Debugger is an award-winning
MS Excel spreadsheet into
way to add search
professional DHTML popup
web development tool that
good-looking calculating web
capabilities to your website
menus, cross-browser drop
enables you to easily edit
page. No plugins. Solve your
or CD-ROM project.
down navigation menus
and debug JavaScript and
problem using Excel and
Basically, it is a program
without any DHTML or
VBScript inside HTML pages.
convert it to HTML with
that a web author can use to
JavaScript experience.
Client-Side JavaScript,
JavaScript. No programming.
generate a searchable index
Compatible with almost all
JScript and VBScript
Makes interactive
of their web site. This
web browsers included IE 7.0
debugging languages are
calculating webpages
searchable index can be in
(Beta) and Opera 9. It
fully supported for simple
feasible. Easy updating.
the form of a javascript
seamlessly integrates with
and complex HTML and DHTML
Supports 190
file that gets searched on
FrontPage and Dreamweaver.
debugging scenarios.
Excel-functions. Use it for
the client, or it can be in
Built-in templates assist
expense report, survey,
the form of an XML file that
you to build new DHTML menus
order forms, reservation
can be searched on the
from existing beautiful
forms, application,
server. A client-side
menus. Pre-design styles are
financial advisor,
javascript approach to
available to new menu items
ROI-calculator, engineering.
searching will work over the
Live line, bar, pie charts!
web or even in server-less
environments like CD-ROM,
hard disk or floppy disk. No
programming is necessary -
support files are included
with SiteSearch Indexer to
help you implement your

Date: Jul, 04 2003

Date: Dec, 04 2006

Date: Dec, 17 2006

Date: Nov, 09 2006
Good-looking calculating
By means of this program you
It is a shrinker/obfuscator
Tigra Menu Builder for
JSP-page from Excel.
can create own collections
for JavaScripts. You can use
Windows is free application
Separate JavaBean with full
of a javascripts codes,
it to easily and quickly
that helps to create
source. 165 Excel-functions
which you may saw on a many
reduce the size of typical
cross-browser DHTML
supported. No Excel needed
web-sites. The program
JavaScript files by 50% on
navigation systems. No
on server. Windows and *nix
saves all data, necessary
average depending on the
JavaScript programming
supported. Easy to do
for a scripts functioning.
style the code is written
skills are required to build
backend-integration. No
Also a scripts can use
in. Strong JS allows you to
responsive, professionally
programming, let the domain
external files (CSS,
delete all unnecessary bytes
looking drop down menus
expert create the code. Easy
graphics, sounds...)
in scripts, such as
using this rapid development
updating: fix spreadsheet
comments, new line
and generate again. Use it
characters and unnecessary
for expense reports,
spaces. The execution of the
surveys, order forms,
js file won't change after
financial advisor,
it is compressed. It just
executes like before. You
engineering. No Risk! 30
won't see a difference, only
day money back guarantee.
the file size will be
smaller. Also, it can rename
variables giving them short
names. Shrinking JavaScripts
reduces the time they are
downloaded from the site and
the time needed to parse and
execute them on the client

Date: Nov, 12 2005

Date: Jul, 27 2006

Date: Jun, 12 2006

Date: Oct, 19 2004
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