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PopUpMaster Pro

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PopUpNow! popup maker

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Quiz Maker

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Installs on your web site an
PopUpNow! is a tool which
PopUpNow! is a tool which
Easily create fully
instant opt-in window that's
allows you to create Popup
allows you to make popup
customizable, powerful,
not stopped by the popup
windows for your webpages
windows for your webpages
self-grading, automated,
killers - get your opt-in
easily.PopUpNow! generates
easily,in a few
web-page based quizzes that
message to over 95% of your
all the JavaScript code so
seconds.PopUpNow! generates
run on a javascript
web site visitors! Visitor
you don't need to write it
all the JavaScript code so
platform. This program is
just clicks OK to subscribe.
yourself anymore.Just some
you don't need to write it
very simple to use, yet very
The window can be dragged
mouse clicks and your popup
yourself anymore.Just some
powerful. You can save
around the screen like any
will be ready to go. You can
mouse clicks and your popup
projects and return to them
normal popup, but it's all
preview your Popup at any
will be ready to go. You
later to make changes. You
done with dynamic HTML so
moment to fit it to your
can preview your Popup at
can quickly finish your quiz
popup killers can't touch
needs,personalize every
any moment to fit it to your
and generate it as a web
it. Just fill in a few
aspect of the window and
needs,personalize every
page for easy upload to your
values in the software,
decide how and when will be
aspect of the window and
site, or to use on a
check it looks okay via the
showed your popup.
decide how and when will be
computer for a class or just
auto-preview function, and
showed your popup.
for fun with friends and
click to generate the code.
family. Even if you don't
Easily installed, and search
run a site, this is a free
engine friendly.
program that's definitely
worth the time it takes to
download and try it out.

Date: Jun, 24 2003

Date: Nov, 26 2003

Date: Mar, 05 2004

Date: Feb, 01 2006
The Scripting Modules are an
ScrollBar Styler is a
Search Maker Pro is a
Site Capture is an
advanced sequel to
software tool that generates
Windows-based software that
easy-to-use utility that
WinScripter v1.0 and provide
and tests CSS style and
will create a single HTML
automatically creates a
a much higher degree of
JavaScript code for colored,
file which is a self
specialized type of
script customization, speed
flat-style, custom, and
contained search engine. By
frameset. It captures any
and greater support for CSS,
multi-color blinking
simply placing this HTML
page you specify -- and
DHTML, Javascript and HTML.
scrollbars. Useful for
file on your website, anyone
regardless of the url of
Additionally, the program
styling your page and
will be able to search your
that page, only the address
includes nearly twice the
building eye-grabber
site. The search engine is
of the frameset, a title you
number of script generators
scrollbar effects. Easy to
professional looking and
specify, and status bar
(70) as well as a number of
fully customizable
information you enter, shows
new and dynamic features
(including frames support).
in the browser when a
providing you with total
NO access to a server is
visitor sees the page.
control over script
required so the engine will
Especially useful if your
creation. All scripts come
work on any site, or even
pages are on a "free
with a built-in demo and an
offline (for hard disk, CD
server" or a server
extensive help system
or DVD use).
with only an IP number --
accessible from within
but you want your referrer
individual modules.
domain to show in the
Absolutely no programming
experience is required and
any script you create can be
previewed in real-time.

Date: Jul, 06 2004

Date: Mar, 05 2004

Date: Nov, 12 2001

Date: Mar, 05 2004
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