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Frameless Popup Maker

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Image Roll-Over Maker

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Site Capture

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PopUpNow! popup maker

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Frameless Maker creates
With Image Roll-Over Maker,
Site Capture is an
PopUpNow! is a tool which
copy-and-paste code for
now you can make image
easy-to-use utility that
allows you to make popup
frameless windows which have
roll-overs with a single,
automatically creates a
windows for your webpages
no titlebar or frame.
easy button push. Fill in a
specialized type of
easily,in a few
Includes full screen,
few simple details, and hit
frameset. It captures any
seconds.PopUpNow! generates
pop-up, pop-under, and
the Make Code button -- and
page you specify -- and
all the JavaScript code so
multiple windows. Quickly
your image roll-over shows
regardless of the url of
you don't need to write it
and easily customize
in a real IE window so you
that page, only the address
yourself anymore.Just some
position, size, and many
can try it out and test it.
of the frameset, a title you
mouse clicks and your popup
other features of window
Hit the Copy Code button to
specify, and status bar
will be ready to go. You
configuration and the launch
put the code in your
information you enter, shows
can preview your Popup at
options. Automatic
clipboard, then paste it
in the browser when a
any moment to fit it to your
interlocks prevent
into your page where you
visitor sees the page.
needs,personalize every
configuration errors and
want the roll-over to
Especially useful if your
aspect of the window and
improper combinations.
appear. Supports multiple
pages are on a "free
decide how and when will be
Testing of the actual
mouseover images, and
server" or a server
showed your popup.
script, in a real Internet
automatic image preloading
with only an IP number --
Explorer frameless window,
is included in the generated
but you want your referrer
is likewise just a
domain to show in the
button-push within the
application. Easy to use,
even for newcomers to

Date: Mar, 05 2004

Date: Mar, 05 2004

Date: Mar, 05 2004

Date: Mar, 05 2004
JavaScript Code Improver is
Are your PC and browser fast
Image RollNow! allows you to
PopUpNow! is a tool which
an easy-to-use utility that
enough to handle heavy
create image rollovers and
allows you to create Popup
makes the JavaScript code in
JavaScript and DHTML
buttons for your webpage
windows for your webpages
your Web pages
scripts? BenchJS will reveal
easily,in a few seconds.It
easily.PopUpNow! generates
well-structured and easily
the answer! BenchJS is a
generates all the JavaScript
all the JavaScript code so
comprehensible thus saving
online-tool testing the
code so you don't need to
you don't need to write it
the time you spend on
speed-potential of your PC
write it yourself
yourself anymore.Just some
editing, debugging and
and your browser's
anymore.Just some clicks and
mouse clicks and your popup
modifying it. The program
JavaScript engine.
your roll over will be ready
will be ready to go. You can
features the multilingual
to go. You can preview your
preview your Popup at any
interface and support for
roll over at any moment to
moment to fit it to your
drag-n-drop operations, and
fit it to your
needs,personalize every
can handle JavaScripts
needs,customize images
aspect of the window and
embedded in the Web pages as
linking to urls and don't
decide how and when will be
well as stored in standalone
worry about image
showed your popup.
.js files.
loading,the generated code
will preload them for
smoother animations.

Date: Mar, 04 2004

Date: Dec, 31 2003

Date: Dec, 01 2003

Date: Nov, 26 2003
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