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Tigra Menu Builder Win32

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Scripting Modules

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Color-Picker 1.3 simplifies
Tigra Menu Builder for
The Scripting Modules are an
NetSyndic is a program that
the color-selection for
Windows is free application
advanced sequel to
allows you to syndicate your
font-colors and
that helps to create
WinScripter v1.0 and provide
articles to other websites
background-colors. Use
cross-browser DHTML
a much higher degree of
while still maintaining
drag-technology, hexadecimal
navigation systems. No
script customization, speed
control over the content of
values or RGB-values to
JavaScript programming
and greater support for CSS,
your articles. The other
determine the most
skills are required to build
DHTML, Javascript and HTML.
websites get to display your
responsive, professionally
Additionally, the program
article on their site, but
color-combinations for your
looking drop down menus
includes nearly twice the
any time you need to change
webpages. Internet Explorer
using this rapid development
number of script generators
your article (such as to
(70) as well as a number of
update it), you can simply
new and dynamic features
correct the master copy on
providing you with total
your site and the syndicated
control over script
copies displayed on the
creation. All scripts come
other websites will
with a built-in demo and an
automatically reflect your
extensive help system
changes. It works by
accessible from within
converting your articles
individual modules.
into a JavaScript.
Absolutely no programming
experience is required and
any script you create can be
previewed in real-time.

Date: Oct, 22 2004

Date: Oct, 19 2004

Date: Jul, 06 2004

Date: May, 24 2004
Create a DHTML Outlook-style
Design a DHTML pop-up menu
PopMaker is a code generator
ScrollBar Styler is a
navigation bar for any
that is supported in IE 4+,
that takes the drudgery out
software tool that generates
website using a visual
Netscape 4+, Mozilla 1 and
of *reliably* making popup
and tests CSS style and
development environment. The
Opera 7 tested on Windows,
window code. Veterans coders
JavaScript code for colored,
live Preview window shows
Mac and Linux. DHTML
will appreciate this
flat-style, custom, and
each change instantly. When
features include a
well-done utility; and
multi-color blinking
compiled, the javascript
horizontal/vertical MenuBar,
newcomers to JavaScript
scrollbars. Useful for
source code is separated
drag & dock ability,
coding just plain love it.
styling your page and
into individual browser
scrollable groups,
It does more than just make
building eye-grabber
compatible files so visitors
client-side events, custom
the code -- it also opens
scrollbar effects. Easy to
to your site download only
page integration with
and tests the window, live,
the relevant file, saving
client-side functions, .js
so you can see the results
bandwidth. Supports
files based on browser type
as you work. No more
Microsoft IE 4-6, Netscape
and quick load times. The
endlessly revising and
4-7, Mozilla 1.x, and HTML
design application provides
fiddling with your popup
3.2 running on Windows, Mac
an intuitive layout,
window code, and no more
and Unix.
on-the-fly preview mode,
sitting there at three in
local and server path
the morning trying to figure
options and fast compiling.
out where you missed a comma
Saved projects are also
or blew a quote mark.
compatible with optional ASP
and ASP.NET server-side
objects to allow expansion
into other programming

Date: May, 18 2004

Date: May, 18 2004

Date: Mar, 05 2004

Date: Mar, 05 2004
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