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Courser Web Slide Panel Builder

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ESC (ECMAScript Cruncher)

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Search Maker Pro

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Courser Web Slide Panel is a
AllWebMenus is a javascript
ESC is an ECMAScript
Search Maker Pro is a
powerful tool to create
menu builder that lets you
pre-processor written in
Windows-based software that
Microsoft Outlook-like slide
create any popup or
JScript, enabling an
will create a single HTML
bar. Specify Position, Size,
drop-down menu visually,
unlimited number of external
file which is a self
Margin, Padding, Border,
without any DHTML or
scripts to be compressed
contained search engine. By
Font, Color, Cursor; Normal,
Javascript experience
into supertight,
simply placing this HTML
hover and active state,
required. It creates
bandwidth-optimized packages
file on your website, anyone
different style for
cross-browser navigation
reducing the overall size of
will be able to search your
different state; Header/item
bars that work alike in
your code with up to ~45%.
site. The search engine is
pre-icon and post-icon,
browsers supporting DHTML,
Single, multiple scripts and
professional looking and
enhance representation
such as both IE and Netscape
even directories with
fully customizable
ability; Random id for each
(Opera included). A DHTML
scripts can be merged
(including frames support).
slide panel, you can have
menu can be fully customized
together at the compression
NO access to a server is
more than one on a single
with plenty of properties to
level you decide.
required so the engine will
web page; Embedded browser
use, while a simple,
work on any site, or even
for preview and test; Deploy
step-by-step process links
offline (for hard disk, CD
refered images to specified
the menu to your web pages
or DVD use).
directory, so published
in only seconds.
expediently; Save all setup
to project file, renew or
modify it repeatly.

Date: Jun, 24 2003

Date: Mar, 20 2002

Date: Jan, 16 2002

Date: Nov, 12 2001
DHTML Menu Wizard is a tool
4Slideshow is an Image
1-2-3 JavaScript Library is a
MX AJAX Toolbox empowers web
that allows you to design
Slideshow DHTML JavaScript
software application that
developers and designers to
your menu in minutes and
Wizard. Features: 7
allows you to easily create
build AJAX sites in
instantly see the results.
different slideshow effects,
javascript. Choose scripts
Dreamweaver. You can now
This is a cross-browser menu
cross browser
from an organized, easy to
build complete AJAX sites
that stays static on the
easy-to-configure, feature
navigate menu system, and
from scratch or integrate
left of your screen, even as
limit shareware.
customize them to your own
AJAX controls and widgets
the surfer scrolls. You can
needs. The latest version
into your existing projects.
easily configure the menu
includes new scripts,
Spice up your websites
simply by changing the
including new frame scripts.
with photo galleries,
images to your own, and
accordions, tabsets,
customizing colors,
ratings, AJAX dynamic tables
dimensions, and font
and many more. Start a new
charecteristics. Features:
project with the AJAX Site
Easy to use menu wizard; No
Wizard and see how easy it
DHTML or JavaScript
is to add top of the line
knowledge is required; You
technologies to your
can save your menu to a file
portfolio. -- Bring the
and open it later for
benefits of AJAX to
editing; You can specify
Dreamweaver. Visual AJAX
TARGET frame for the URL;
development. No coding
and Fully customizable
needed -- Build fast
colors, dimensions etc.
loading websites.Save
bandwidth and reduce server
traffic --Enriched user
experience on your
sites.Visitors can rate
content, show or hide
content areas -- Lots of
pre-build controls to get
you started Nine AJAX
widgets: photo gallery,
dynamic table, rating and
more -- Categorize items
with drag and drop. Arrange
objects in a page simply by
dragging and dropping. --
Graceful degradation.
Website available even with
JavaScript disabled

Date: Nov, 05 2001

Date: Oct, 15 2001

Date: Sep, 27 2001

Date: Nov, 30 -1
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