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CodeThat Studio

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JavaScript-producing design
CodeThat Studio is a powerful
Good-looking calculating
Cross-browser and
tool for creating menu
tool that enables create
JSP-page from Excel.
cross-platform DHTML menu,
system on web pages. The
CodeThat.Com javascript
Separate JavaBean with full
featuring keyboard
menu script can be
scripts in the visual
source. 165 Excel-functions
shortcuts, CSS skins,
customized highly and easily
environment fast and easily.
supported. No Excel needed
unlimited menu depth,
through the SCP(Script
With CodeThat Studio you
on server. Windows and *nix
horizontal or vertical
Configuration Program). You
can design the structure and
supported. Easy to do
display, context menus,
can specify caption, font,
customize the appearance of
backend-integration. No
timeouts, cross-frames
color, link and more to
the scripts in the most
programming, let the domain
support and more! The menu
script. It is unnecessary to
efficient visual way.
expert create the code. Easy
is defined in plain
write any code manually. SCP
updating: fix spreadsheet
(semantic) HTML as nested
will generate all necessary
and generate again. Use it
lists, as opposed to pure
codes automatically. You
for expense reports,
JavaScript setup that is
need to upload some files to
surveys, order forms,
used in most menus. This is
web server to get the menu
financial advisor,
friendly to search engines,
to work and all these files
has the advantage of being
will be saved along with the
engineering. No Risk! 30
extremely easy to generate
project file so that you can
day money back guarantee.
(even dynamically) and
easily find and publish them
degrades even to
to the Internet or deploy to
non-JavaScript browsers.
Intranet. Help documentation
is included but you may not
need it with this
easy-to-use tool. With this
easy-to-use script authoring
tool, you can make a
professional menu just in

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Date: Nov, 21 2005

Date: Nov, 12 2005

Date: Sep, 06 2005
Safely publish your email
This is a tab widget,
Create compact, attractive,
Convert any Excel spreadsheet
address online. Protect it
providing slick animation,
and convenient
into a webpage that
from SPAM programs that
keyboard shortcuts, CSS
Javascript-powered pull-down
calculates. Everyone can
automatically scan your
color themes, cookie
navigational menus for your
create interactive and
pages and index your
save/restore support, and
web site with very little
calculating web pages. Solve
addresses for sending you
more! It can be used in any
effort and absolutely no
your problem using Microsoft
junk mail. Set to, cc, bcc
place a tab widget would
knowledge of writing complex
Excel, and convert it to
addresses, and message
fit, or for creating slide
Javascript and HTML code.
HTML with JavaScript. No
subject and body. Use text
The program gives you
programming. Exactly mimics
link, button, or image to
complete control over
the behavior of Excel.
start new email message.
content, functionality, and
Covers most
Display link description in
appearance of your menus,
functions. Compact result
the browser status bar.
including options for
to reduce download times
Easily save and load your
specifying style elements
settings. Create both
such as font, font size,
protected and simple
colors, dimensions, and more
comprehensive email links.
in a smart, super-friendly,
easy-to-use interface.
Saving and loading menu
project files allows for
quick and easy updates of
your menus should your site
content change.

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Date: Apr, 16 2005
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