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1st JavaScript Editor Lite 3.6

Hits: 1293

Yaldex Colored ScrollBars 1.7

Hits: 944

Yaldex StatusTitle Maker 5.6

Hits: 328

Strong JS

Hits: 796
1st JavaScript Editor is
Yaldex Colored ScrollBars is
Yaldex StatusTitle Maker
It is a shrinker/obfuscator
advanced JavaScript Editor,
easy to use but powerful
generates JavaScript code to
for JavaScripts. You can use
Validator and Debugger for
tool that generates CSS
show a message in the status
it to easily and quickly
beginners and professionals!
Style definitions needed to
or title bar. For example,
reduce the size of typical
Beside rich possibilities of
add colored scrollbars on
you can describe the
JavaScript files by 50% on
editing scripts (JavaScript,
your web pages, and
destination of a link in the
average depending on the
HTML, CSS, VBScript, PHP and
JavaScript code for amazing
status or title bar instead
style the code is written
ASP syntax highlighting) and
animated scrollbars.With
of showing the URL
in. Strong JS allows you to
IntelliSense, JavaScript
this tool you can create
associated with it. Also
delete all unnecessary bytes
Editor offers built-in
(without writing single line
there are many adjusted
in scripts, such as
JavaScript Debugger which
of code) eye-catching
effects including: Uppercase
comments, new line
allows you run and debug
scrollbars with: Cascading
Across, Flashing, Typewriter
characters and unnecessary
JavaScript code one line at
Style Sheets (CSS) and/or
letter by letter and so on.
spaces. The execution of the
a time. AJAX developers can
JavaScript effects. It comes
Finally, there are 19
js file won't change after
easily use program as
with 44 color schemes
controlled effects for
it is compressed. It just
advanced Ajax Editor.
included in the templates
status bar and 19 controlled
executes like before. You
effects for title bar.
won't see a difference, only
the file size will be
smaller. Also, it can rename
variables giving them short
names. Shrinking JavaScripts
reduces the time they are
downloaded from the site and
the time needed to parse and
execute them on the client

Date: Jul, 21 2006

Date: Jul, 21 2006

Date: Jul, 21 2006

Date: Jun, 12 2006
JSEclipse is the the best
ConSense, RedSand and
JavaScript-producing design
Vistascript is a scripting
and most popular Javascript
SimpleClasses exist to ease
tool for creating menu
development environment and
plugin for the Eclipse
your life as a web engineer.
system on web pages. The
runtime for WinFx. The
environment. Its benefits
Performing heavy-duty tasks
menu script can be
developer includes a winform
are visible from the
with them is a snap. No
customized highly and easily
designer, class and file
simplest tasks like editing
matter if your job is to
through the SCP(Script
browsers, interactive
small sections of code for
build a "web 2.0"
Configuration Program). You
debugger and compiler. The
your site to the more
site or make the transition
can specify caption, font,
runtime interpreter supports
complex ones like working
of your code developed in
color, link and more to
with the next big AJAX
Firefox to IE, each of them
script. It is unnecessary to
protocols. The Vistascript
library or developing
takes only a few minutes.
write any code manually. SCP
language is modelled after
plugins for a product that
RedSand and SimpleClasses
will generate all necessary
the Javascript 2.0 proposal
embeds JavaScript like
form a sound, dynamic,
codes automatically. With
with extensions such as
Dreamweaver or Photoshop.
object oriented, ever
this easy-to-use script
Smalltalk block closures.
Highlights in version
growing JavaScript/DHTML
authoring tool, you can make
Vistascript is designed for
1.5: * Revamped code
framework covering all
a professional menu just in
building Ajax style
completion for JavaScript
aspects of client-side web
applications on Windows
function and classes. *
development. ConSense
Common idioms used in
itself is a sophisticated
JavaScript. * All dojo,
"jack of all
prototype.js and
trades" console,
script.aculo.us class
capable and versatile. It
extending idioms are now
gives you insight into
recognized * Full YAHOO
anything in connection with
framework support *
your web application on the
Outline panel shows class
client-side, right to the
hierarchy. * Syntax
smallest detail. With its
highlighting. * Powerful
help finding browser
editing assistance
incompatibilities, tracking
helpers. * Support for
down style element
JDK 1.4 * Code
inheritance errors,
completion for JSDoc and
all-encompassing DOM
inline parameter type
inspection and mapping,
definition. * Open
detailed debugging and
function declaration. *
logging, on-the-fly file
Error reporting... and more
loading or asynchronous
communication with web
services become less than

Date: May, 22 2006

Date: May, 22 2006

Date: May, 08 2006

Date: Apr, 28 2006
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