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1st JavaScript Editor Pro 3.4

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Recent changes in Internet
WebDDM lets you customize
With this program you can add
1st JavaScript Editor is
Explorer now cause it to
your drop down menus in
a DHTML drop down menu to
advanced JavaScript Editor,
display a double-dashed line
every way imaginable, using
your web site within a few
Validator and Debugger for
and a popup tooltip
simple CSS and HTML. It's
minutes. It comes with
beginners and professionals!
"Click to activate and
Javascript-only, so it's
hundreds of predefined
Beside rich possibilities of
use this control"
extremely fast and extemely
designs and supports easy
editing scripts (JavaScript,
around JAVA applet, Flash
small. At the same time,
integration with existing
HTML, CSS, VBScript, PHP and
presentations, and other
it's extremely powerful: for
web sites. Included are free
ASP syntax highlighting etc)
active page content if the
example, it allows you to
plugins for DreamWeaver,
and IntelliSense, JavaScript
code is inline in your page
have an unlimited number
FrontPage, GoLive,
Editor offers large snippets
HTML. Visitors cannot use
menus on any page, with
NetObjects Fusion. No HTML /
library with full collection
the active content without
unlimited menu nesting. It
JavaScript knowledge is
of HTML tags(attributes,
clicking first on it --
supports context menus of
required. The output DHTML
events), CSS attributes and
particularly troublesome
all sorts. It has a flexible
menus are optimized for size
JavaScript events(functions,
with menu and navigation
and very precise positioning
and speed and are
attributes, statements etc -
controls. This Active
system that makes designing
XHTML-compatible. Menu items
at whole over 1200).
Content Code Convert code
AND changing menus simple
can be fixed or added
generator simply and quickly
and fast. WebDDM sports a
creates the code you need to
powerful styling system; in
"externalize" your
just minutes you can make
code -- thus completely
your menus look like
circumventing the
whatever you want!
"Click to activate and
Furthermore, WebDDM menus
use this control"
feel like a part of your
message and click. Very
website and will make your
easy to use.
visitors' experience more
pleasant. And all for one
low cost: $0.

Date: Apr, 21 2006

Date: Apr, 19 2006

Date: Apr, 17 2006

Date: Apr, 06 2006
Web Designers Toolkit
Jasob JavaScript Obfuscator
DevMansion JavaScript Menu
Easily create fully
includes many professional
is the ultimate solution for
Builder is a WYSIWYG,
customizable, powerful,
script authoring tools into
JavaScript obfuscation!
lightweight, easy-to-use and
self-grading, automated,
one program. Many of them
Protects your JavaScript
easy-to-learn FREE Wizard
web-page based quizzes that
are winning-award products.
code from stealing,
like tool to create
run on a javascript
With this easy-to-use web
significantly shrinks size
JavaScript menus.
platform. This program is
authoring toolkit, you can
and improves download time
very simple to use, yet very
easy to draft, design,
and execution speed. With
powerful. You can save
develop and deploy scripts
Jasob your JavaScript code
projects and return to them
such as menu, navigation,
will become impossible to
later to make changes. You
tree view, text scroller,
understand thus preventing
can quickly finish your quiz
search engine, title, date
anyone to steal and modify
and generate it as a web
and time, clock, pop-up
it. Its size will typically
page for easy upload to your
window, mouse trailer and
shrink for around 70% which
site, or to use on a
much more for web sites and
will significantly improve
computer for a class or just
web projects.
download time and execution
for fun with friends and
speed in the web browser.
family. Even if you don't
run a site, this is a free
program that's definitely
worth the time it takes to
download and try it out.

Date: Mar, 22 2006

Date: Mar, 20 2006

Date: Mar, 10 2006

Date: Feb, 01 2006
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