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CodeThat Studio

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SiteSearch Indexer

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CodeThat Studio is a powerful
Vistascript is a scripting
Safely publish your email
SiteSearch Indexer is an
tool that enables create
development environment and
address online. Protect it
inexpensive yet effective
CodeThat.Com javascript
runtime for WinFx. The
from SPAM programs that
way to add search
scripts in the visual
developer includes a winform
automatically scan your
capabilities to your website
environment fast and easily.
designer, class and file
pages and index your
or CD-ROM project.
With CodeThat Studio you
browsers, interactive
addresses for sending you
Basically, it is a program
can design the structure and
debugger and compiler. The
junk mail. Set to, cc, bcc
that a web author can use to
customize the appearance of
runtime interpreter supports
addresses, and message
generate a searchable index
the scripts in the most
subject and body. Use text
of their web site. This
efficient visual way.
protocols. The Vistascript
link, button, or image to
searchable index can be in
language is modelled after
start new email message.
the form of a javascript
the Javascript 2.0 proposal
Display link description in
file that gets searched on
with extensions such as
the browser status bar.
the client, or it can be in
Smalltalk block closures.
Easily save and load your
the form of an XML file that
Vistascript is designed for
settings. Create both
can be searched on the
building Ajax style
protected and simple
server. A client-side
applications on Windows
comprehensive email links.
javascript approach to
searching will work over the
web or even in server-less
environments like CD-ROM,
hard disk or floppy disk. No
programming is necessary -
support files are included
with SiteSearch Indexer to
help you implement your

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Date: Jul, 04 2003
Yaldex StatusTitle Maker
Convert any Excel spreadsheet
Design a DHTML pop-up menu
JavaScript Code Improver is
generates JavaScript code to
into a webpage that
that is supported in IE 4+,
an easy-to-use utility that
show a message in the status
calculates. Everyone can
Netscape 4+, Mozilla 1 and
makes the JavaScript code in
or title bar. For example,
create interactive and
Opera 7 tested on Windows,
your Web pages
you can describe the
calculating web pages. Solve
Mac and Linux. DHTML
well-structured and easily
destination of a link in the
your problem using Microsoft
features include a
comprehensible thus saving
status or title bar instead
Excel, and convert it to
horizontal/vertical MenuBar,
the time you spend on
of showing the URL
HTML with JavaScript. No
drag & dock ability,
editing, debugging and
associated with it. Also
programming. Exactly mimics
scrollable groups,
modifying it. The program
there are many adjusted
the behavior of Excel.
client-side events, custom
features the multilingual
effects including: Uppercase
Covers most
page integration with
interface and support for
Across, Flashing, Typewriter
functions. Compact result
client-side functions, .js
drag-n-drop operations, and
letter by letter and so on.
to reduce download times
files based on browser type
can handle JavaScripts
Finally, there are 19
and quick load times. The
embedded in the Web pages as
controlled effects for
design application provides
well as stored in standalone
status bar and 19 controlled
an intuitive layout,
.js files.
effects for title bar.
on-the-fly preview mode,
local and server path
options and fast compiling.
Saved projects are also
compatible with optional ASP
and ASP.NET server-side
objects to allow expansion
into other programming

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