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Website Visits Tracker

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Merak Instant AntiSpam

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Vu Visitor application sends
This is almost a full CMS as
Merak Instant Anti-spam
VU Web Visitor Analyst is an
you an email with all
well as a Sports
(MIAS) is a new hybrid
application that retrieves
information about your
Tipping/Fantasy Football
technology that approaches
your website visitorsí IP
website visitor once
software, it enables you to
near 100% accuracy in the
address, exact date and
somebody visited your page.
create the teams, the rounds
identification of Spam. This
time, visited page name, the
It is an ASP code that can
and the games, and then your
accuracy exceeds that of
link a visitor came from
be simply added to your
users pick the winner of
systems costing tens of
originally (referred URL
website page and you will
each round, you can then
thousands of dollars for a
address). You can view the
get emails with IP address,
update the scores and round
fraction of the cost. Most
single visitor history with
time, all user and server
results and the users scores
importantly, MIAS produces
the list of all pages
details. Tracked visitor
are automatically updated
near 0% false positives,
visited. You can also
will not know about this
and placed accordingly on
ensuring its place as
display visits by date
trick. This information will
the Leader Board.
"THE" Anti-spam
criteria. The weekly
be very helpful for
solution for Corporations
statistics allow you to see
analysis and statistics your
and ISPs.
the total visits for every
web page needs. No database
single day in the present
needed (however, you can
and last weeks. The monthly
easily modify the code to
statistics allow you viewing
use database). Simple
the total visits of every
installation. ASP and CDONTS
month for the whole year. In
component on your server is
addition, every visitor is
linked to the web database
containing personal
information about this
visitorís IP address (such
as name, address, phone,
email, etc. if available).
And much more...

Date: Feb, 12 2005

Date: Nov, 11 2003

Date: Jan, 12 2005

Date: Jul, 18 2004
Downloadable Source Code for
The Red Scopion Content
Easy to install text-based
The highest quality,
fully functional .ASP
Management System offers the
banner management. This new
feature-rich Groupware
website: iAmJobs is a job
client a complete solution
version lets you edit
calendar server on the
board where employers can
to an online strategy and
banners online, check stats,
Internet with
login, create and manage
low maintenance overhead.
reset stats and set how
their own job postings.
often a banner should be
synchronized access via
Employee's login, create
displayed. Javascript gives
web-browser or Microsoft
resume's for the employers
you an opportunity to
Outlook Merak Mail
to view and search for a
display the banners on your
Serverís GroupWare solution
job. VbScript, CDONTS,
non-asp sites.
is extremely fast, secure,
Access database. Code: ASP
cost effective,
3.0 & VBScript
easy-to-deploy and
completely integrated with
Merak Mail Server, Merakís
Integrated Stand-alone
Webmail and MS Outlook
2000/2002/XP/2003. Merak
GroupWare is licensed per
user and is the most cost
effective Groupware solution
available on the market
today. Merak Professional
comes with a free 6-user
Groupware license that also
applies to existing Merak
Mail Server Professional
customers within their 1
year free upgrade period.

Date: May, 03 2004

Date: Feb, 19 2004

Date: Apr, 04 2004

Date: Jan, 12 2005
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