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IAO Login 2004 SL SP2a Fix

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Knowledge Base

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Merak GroupWare Server

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AO login is an authorization
It is a software solution for
LightForum is a small and
The highest quality,
suit, which enhances the
online support. It is utmost
light software for viewing
feature-rich Groupware
security of your private
solution to create, maintain
and editing messages. Both
calendar server on the
pages. It uses best security
and share accumulated
are run in client side
Internet with
algorithms to protect your
knowledge with all the
without round-trip to the
data and pages from cracker.
parties involved in your
server, which makes it a
synchronized access via
It uses GIMPY Captcha to
enterprise. Magicway
good solution for a slow
web-browser or Microsoft
fight against Spam Bots and
Knowledge Base will cater
networks. LightForum has
Outlook Merak Mail
automated submitting. Users
the information
a multi-lingual user
Serverís GroupWare solution
can login even in cookie
accessibility in such a
interface and supports the
is extremely fast, secure,
disabled browsers. Feel free
cost-effective and timely
following languages:
cost effective,
to manage your users at
way that, both, you and all
English, Spanish, French,
easy-to-deploy and
administration panel and
stakeholders would benefit
Hebrew, Italian and German.
completely integrated with
send newsletters to your
This feature is available
Merak Mail Server, Merakís
users. Add more
for both users and
Integrated Stand-alone
administrators and describe
administrator. LightForum
Webmail and MS Outlook
their role. It doesn't use
includes a rich
2000/2002/XP/2003. Merak
ANY DLL and hence easy to
administrator control panel.
GroupWare is licensed per
install and use own various
You can try it in the
user and is the most cost
web servers.
demo. LightForum includes
effective Groupware solution
an HTML editor (works both
available on the market
in HTML mode and in source
today. Merak Professional
mode), and it lets users add
comes with a free 6-user
links and images, in both
Groupware license that also
desing and source
applies to existing Merak
view. LightForum supports
Mail Server Professional
file upload, and no DLL is
customers within their 1
year free upgrade period.

Date: Oct, 20 2004

Date: Jan, 18 2005

Date: Jun, 07 2004

Date: Jan, 12 2005
Merak Instant Anti-spam
Merak Instant Messaging
This is almost a full CMS as
Recipe template uses ASP
(MIAS) is a new hybrid
Server & Gateway is
well as a Sports
coding and an Access
technology that approaches
a secure, enterprise instant
Tipping/Fantasy Football
Database to contain and
near 100% accuracy in the
messaging solution that will
software, it enables you to
display recipes in a wide
identification of Spam. This
improve the speed of
create the teams, the rounds
variety of categories. You
accuracy exceeds that of
corporate communications
and the games, and then your
can upload photos, edit and
systems costing tens of
while achieving a rapid
users pick the winner of
delete entries, and have
thousands of dollars for a
return on investment.
each round, you can then
visitors submit their
fraction of the cost. Most
Merak IM can be used for
update the scores and round
favorite recipes. Hosting
importantly, MIAS produces
secure IM communications
results and the users scores
server must have ASP and
near 0% false positives,
internally, or as an ICQ,
are automatically updated
Access database support, and
ensuring its place as
AOL, MSN and Yahoo Gateway,
and placed accordingly on
read/write permissions to
"THE" Anti-spam
allowing organizations
the Leader Board.
the database file. This
solution for Corporations
ranging from small companies
template offers a lot of
and ISPs.
to large corporations to
quickly and easily deploy
secure instant messaging
locally or globally.

Date: Jan, 12 2005

Date: Jan, 12 2005

Date: Nov, 11 2003

Date: Nov, 01 2004
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