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ASP IP grabber

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Banner Advertising Script

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Call Center Management

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This script will grab your
White Web Publishing's
Bokai barcode image generator
Magicway Call Center
visitors IP address and the
rotating banner script let's
ASP Edition is a COM
Management v4.0 comprises
current time and e-mail it
you turn your website's
component that generates
versatile systems that
to you without your visitor
traffic into money by
dynamic barcode images in
united provide you with
selling banner advertising.
PNG or JPEG format. It can
numerous options. Call
We offer: 1)Easy
be used on web servers and
Center Management v4.0
two-line code integration
your HTML pages can embed a
contains a ticket support
2) Allows you to sell
bar code image URL (an ASP
system, a search system and
banner ads by frequency --
file provided) without
an administration center.
making some banners appear
programming. It supports
more often than others
rotation, fonts, colors,
3) Tracks hits and
text positions, methods to
impressions for each ad
save a barcode image to a
4) Allows both
file or to draw to a device
javascript and graphical
context. It supports 25
banners 5) Tracks
barcode types: Code 39, Code
customer and billing
128, UPC, EAN, etc.
information for each ad
6) Optional periodic
billing module integrates
with Verisign PayFlowPro
credit card processing
7) Easy-to-use
administrative control panel
8) Low licensing fee of
$124.99 the first year /
$24.99 each year thereafter
9) Credit card billing
module only $49.99 extra!
10) Requires ASP and an
SQL database.

Date: Nov, 05 2003

Date: Nov, 16 2003

Date: Sep, 14 2004

Date: Jan, 18 2005
Vu Case Manager Web
The power of PHP forums for
Of the shop on an order it
Easy to install text-based
Application is designed to
ASP! Easy to install and
has been made foutloos to
banner management. This new
manage the internal business
configure, unlimited
the serves of UPS link. This
version lets you edit
processes including: - Case
catagories, forums + topics,
property wrapped up dynamic
banners online, check stats,
Management (Open, Assign,
skinnable, plug-in capable,
the builder offers of the
reset stats and set how
Resolve) - Inventory
full admin tools, HTML
rise of the web a fast and
often a banner should be
Management (Store and Manage
Aliasing plus lots lots more.
easy manner to build and
displayed. Javascript gives
Your Items) - Knowledgebase
lead your an existing or new
you an opportunity to
(View Resolved Cases) -
web shop.
display the banners on your
Reports (Create Reports and
non-asp sites.
Statistics) - 3 Access
Levels (Allow Limited Access
to Use Your Application) -
Email Notification (Send
Emails Upon Each Action) -
Check Case Status And much
more. Installation help is
offered. First month free
support is provided.

Date: Feb, 12 2005

Date: Jan, 29 2005

Date: Jul, 16 2004

Date: Apr, 04 2004
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