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DMXReady Polling Booth Manager

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DMXReady Secure Login Manager

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DMXReady Site Chassis Manager

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eBay Home Inventory System

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Create an interactive survey
Keep your website pages
Build a supercharged,
This application was designed
quickly and easily. Allow
secure with a single line of
database-driven website from
with the serious eBay seller
visitors to respond to poll
script! Create up to three
the ground up and forget
in mind. Recently, my wife
questions from a list of
user access levels with
about scripting! Slick
started her own eBay store,
your answers, and review the
username/password control.
interface is easily managed
and it wasn't long before we
results. Prevents
Slick interface is easily
by anyone with basic web
realized that we needed a
multi-voting. Slick
managed by anyone with basic
skills. Add other DMXReady
system in place to manage
interface, easily installed,
web skills. Trial Version
apps for more power. Trial
our inventory. The original
easily managed. Built with
available. Built with
Version available. Built
version was lacking in
with DreamweaverMX.
several departments, and was
quite honestly too complex
by design. This version
(version 2.1) is much more
simplified in its use. It
will track your inventory
based on locations that you
define. For example, if you
have 5 shelves full of eBay
merchandise, you could name
them Shelf 1, Shelf 2, Shelf
3, etc. Or S1, S2, S3 -
whatever is easiest for
you. You can also track
information pertaining to
your buyers, such as who
bought it, their shipping
address, email, and eBay ID
number. The application also
has a very basic accounting
system built in to it. By
entering the price you paid
for the item, the price it
sold for, and the shipping
cost, you can view a report
for each month that will
show you your profit or
loss, complete with line
item detail. By far, the
feature I use the MOST is
the search feature. It is a
fairly thorough search
feature, allowing you to
search for just about any
term in the database. Very
handy if you are looking for
an item, and all you have is
the description.

Date: Jan, 21 2005

Date: May, 19 2005

Date: May, 19 2005

Date: Mar, 10 2004
ecConED is a 100%
Now available for download,
The module offers complete
HTML chat with support of
ASP/Javascript based on-line
the freeware filemanager
monitoring of server
full customer customization
content editor designed to
written in pure ASP. Enhance
attendance. Statistics are
(font colour, font size,
add content management to
your intranet or website
saved on the server and can
chat colour setting, etc.),
static page web site
with this strong online file
be viewed both in real time
whispering, graphic
designs. Has
and retroactively.
emoticons, management,
Monitoring of real-time
banning from the room,
multi-role management
visits, hourly and daily
locking of the room,
feature. Provides staged
statistics, means
permanent and temporary
updates allowing users to
statistics, numbers of
rooms in unlimited number.
edit content and publish
unique visits, numbers of
It requires no installation
only when ready. Works with
pages, history, active
and downloading by the
most single and multi-folder
client addressing option,
client. It runs purely on
sites. Use to convert
and more. See the list of
HTML basis (JavaScript is an
existing web site or with
all features.
advantage, but it runs even
purchased templates or
without it
custom site designs.

Date: Jan, 25 2004

Date: Feb, 19 2004

Date: Jun, 24 2004

Date: Jun, 24 2004
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