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ePack HTML chat

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DMXReady Mailing List Manager

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ePack Attendance monitoring

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HTML chat with support of
Automatically manage and
LightForum is a small and
The module offers complete
full customer customization
organize your e-mailing
light software for viewing
monitoring of server
(font colour, font size,
lists to send client
and editing messages. Both
attendance. Statistics are
chat colour setting, etc.),
newsletters, special offers,
are run in client side
saved on the server and can
whispering, graphic
or just to keep in touch.
without round-trip to the
be viewed both in real time
emoticons, management,
Slick interface is easily
server, which makes it a
and retroactively.
banning from the room,
managed by anyone with basic
good solution for a slow
Monitoring of real-time
locking of the room,
web skills. Trial Version
networks. LightForum has
visits, hourly and daily
permanent and temporary
available. Built with
a multi-lingual user
statistics, means
rooms in unlimited number.
interface and supports the
statistics, numbers of
It requires no installation
following languages:
unique visits, numbers of
and downloading by the
English, Spanish, French,
pages, history, active
client. It runs purely on
Hebrew, Italian and German.
client addressing option,
HTML basis (JavaScript is an
This feature is available
and more. See the list of
advantage, but it runs even
for both users and
all features.
without it
administrator. LightForum
includes a rich
administrator control panel.
You can try it in the
demo. LightForum includes
an HTML editor (works both
in HTML mode and in source
mode), and it lets users add
links and images, in both
desing and source
view. LightForum supports
file upload, and no DLL is

Date: Jun, 24 2004

Date: May, 19 2005

Date: Jun, 07 2004

Date: Jun, 24 2004
Vu Visitor application sends
An ASP Online Application
AO login is an authorization
Recipe template uses ASP
you an email with all
designed for Estate Agents
suit, which enhances the
coding and an Access
information about your
(Real Estates). Manage your
security of your private
Database to contain and
website visitor once
property listings with an
pages. It uses best security
display recipes in a wide
somebody visited your page.
advanced ADMIN panel.
algorithms to protect your
variety of categories. You
It is an ASP code that can
Add/Edit/Delete property
data and pages from cracker.
can upload photos, edit and
be simply added to your
pictures, floor plan,
It uses GIMPY Captcha to
delete entries, and have
website page and you will
fight against Spam Bots and
visitors submit their
get emails with IP address,
others related to property.
automated submitting. Users
favorite recipes. Hosting
time, all user and server
Mail your subscribers, add
can login even in cookie
server must have ASP and
details. Tracked visitor
site news. Easy to modify
disabled browsers. Feel free
Access database support, and
will not know about this
Inc files.
to manage your users at
read/write permissions to
trick. This information will
administration panel and
the database file. This
be very helpful for
send newsletters to your
template offers a lot of
analysis and statistics your
users. Add more
web page needs. No database
administrators and describe
needed (however, you can
their role. It doesn't use
easily modify the code to
ANY DLL and hence easy to
use database). Simple
install and use own various
installation. ASP and CDONTS
web servers.
component on your server is

Date: Feb, 12 2005

Date: Nov, 02 2003

Date: Oct, 20 2004

Date: Nov, 01 2004
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