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DMXReady Mailing List Manager

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Merak Instant AntiSpam

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Automatically manage and
Merak Instant Anti-spam
VU Web Visitor Analyst is an
The power of PHP forums for
organize your e-mailing
(MIAS) is a new hybrid
application that retrieves
ASP! Easy to install and
lists to send client
technology that approaches
your website visitorsí IP
configure, unlimited
newsletters, special offers,
near 100% accuracy in the
address, exact date and
catagories, forums + topics,
or just to keep in touch.
identification of Spam. This
time, visited page name, the
skinnable, plug-in capable,
Slick interface is easily
accuracy exceeds that of
link a visitor came from
full admin tools, HTML
managed by anyone with basic
systems costing tens of
originally (referred URL
Aliasing plus lots lots more.
web skills. Trial Version
thousands of dollars for a
address). You can view the
available. Built with
fraction of the cost. Most
single visitor history with
importantly, MIAS produces
the list of all pages
near 0% false positives,
visited. You can also
ensuring its place as
display visits by date
"THE" Anti-spam
criteria. The weekly
solution for Corporations
statistics allow you to see
and ISPs.
the total visits for every
single day in the present
and last weeks. The monthly
statistics allow you viewing
the total visits of every
month for the whole year. In
addition, every visitor is
linked to the web database
containing personal
information about this
visitorís IP address (such
as name, address, phone,
email, etc. if available).
And much more...

Date: May, 19 2005

Date: Jan, 12 2005

Date: Jul, 18 2004

Date: Jan, 29 2005
Create an interactive survey
Merak Instant Messaging
T6D brings you the ultimate
Now available for download,
quickly and easily. Allow
Server & Gateway is
in online gaming, an
the freeware filemanager
visitors to respond to poll
a secure, enterprise instant
enhanceable community, and
written in pure ASP. Enhance
questions from a list of
messaging solution that will
ingenious forum and a superb
your intranet or website
your answers, and review the
improve the speed of
administration. All code is
with this strong online file
results. Prevents
corporate communications
written in optimized ASP and
multi-voting. Slick
while achieving a rapid
the 400 game database is
interface, easily installed,
return on investment.
included. T6D - The Real
easily managed. Built with
Merak IM can be used for
World. Rebrandable upon
secure IM communications
internally, or as an ICQ,
AOL, MSN and Yahoo Gateway,
allowing organizations
ranging from small companies
to large corporations to
quickly and easily deploy
secure instant messaging
locally or globally.

Date: Jan, 21 2005

Date: Jan, 12 2005

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Date: Feb, 19 2004
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