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IAO Login 2004 SL SP2a Fix

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ePack Attendance monitoring

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Der winkel

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AO login is an authorization
LightForum is a small and
The module offers complete
Of the shop on an order it
suit, which enhances the
light software for viewing
monitoring of server
has been made foutloos to
security of your private
and editing messages. Both
attendance. Statistics are
the serves of UPS link. This
pages. It uses best security
are run in client side
saved on the server and can
property wrapped up dynamic
algorithms to protect your
without round-trip to the
be viewed both in real time
the builder offers of the
data and pages from cracker.
server, which makes it a
and retroactively.
rise of the web a fast and
It uses GIMPY Captcha to
good solution for a slow
Monitoring of real-time
easy manner to build and
fight against Spam Bots and
networks. LightForum has
visits, hourly and daily
lead your an existing or new
automated submitting. Users
a multi-lingual user
statistics, means
web shop.
can login even in cookie
interface and supports the
statistics, numbers of
disabled browsers. Feel free
following languages:
unique visits, numbers of
to manage your users at
English, Spanish, French,
pages, history, active
administration panel and
Hebrew, Italian and German.
client addressing option,
send newsletters to your
This feature is available
and more. See the list of
users. Add more
for both users and
all features.
administrators and describe
administrator. LightForum
their role. It doesn't use
includes a rich
ANY DLL and hence easy to
administrator control panel.
install and use own various
You can try it in the
web servers.
demo. LightForum includes
an HTML editor (works both
in HTML mode and in source
mode), and it lets users add
links and images, in both
desing and source
view. LightForum supports
file upload, and no DLL is

Date: Oct, 20 2004

Date: Jun, 07 2004

Date: Jun, 24 2004

Date: Jul, 16 2004
Recipe template uses ASP
Vu Case Manager Web
Our Tutorial will show you
Magicway Call Center
coding and an Access
Application is designed to
how to use the built in
Management v4.0 comprises
Database to contain and
manage the internal business
FrontPage Database Interface
versatile systems that
display recipes in a wide
processes including: - Case
Wizard (DIW) to create a
united provide you with
variety of categories. You
Management (Open, Assign,
"Recommended Link
numerous options. Call
can upload photos, edit and
Resolve) - Inventory
List". We will then
Center Management v4.0
delete entries, and have
Management (Store and Manage
create a password protected
contains a ticket support
visitors submit their
Your Items) - Knowledgebase
area on your site where you
system, a search system and
favorite recipes. Hosting
(View Resolved Cases) -
can go any time to update
an administration center.
server must have ASP and
Reports (Create Reports and
your "recommended links
Access database support, and
Statistics) - 3 Access
list" instantly. The
read/write permissions to
Levels (Allow Limited Access
example could become
the database file. This
to Use Your Application) -
whatever you want it to be.
template offers a lot of
Email Notification (Send
It might be a site map or it
Emails Upon Each Action) -
could be a reviews page -
Check Case Status And much
there are endless
more. Installation help is
offered. First month free
support is provided.

Date: Nov, 01 2004

Date: Feb, 12 2005

Date: Nov, 01 2004

Date: Jan, 18 2005
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