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Merak GroupWare Server

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Spirit Content Manager

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ePack Multilingualism support

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ePack LiveSupport module

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The highest quality,
Spirit is a suite of
You can easily implement
The module allows for active
feature-rich Groupware
applications designed to
multilingual feature into
addressing of the visitor by
calendar server on the
simplify web site
your ASP scripts using this
the server operator and
Internet with
management. It's an ideal
module. After replacing the
subsequent communication
platform for small business
texts in application by
between them via the chat
synchronized access via
web sites. With user
language constants you can
channel provided that the
web-browser or Microsoft
identity management, dynamic
easily translate into
visitor accepts such
Outlook Merak Mail
content management,
unlimited number of
discussion invitation.
Serverís GroupWare solution
communication tools and more
languages, switching between
Similarly, the visitor can
is extremely fast, secure,
built into one system.
individual language versions
address the operator
cost effective,
Provides integrated tools to
by a single mouse-click.
provided that the operator
easy-to-deploy and
help you accomplish your
Anyone having the
is present (Live Support).
completely integrated with
tasks quickly and
appropriate authorisation
SimpleTalk works on the
Merak Mail Server, Merakís
effectively, all under one
will be able to translate
basis of Server Application
Integrated Stand-alone
control panel.
using your application via
Variables and, therefore, it
Webmail and MS Outlook
browser, without need of
does not load the database
2000/2002/XP/2003. Merak
knowing the script syntax,
GroupWare is licensed per
etc. All one has to do is
user and is the most cost
click on the text and
effective Groupware solution
translate. Translations can
available on the market
be managed via web interface
today. Merak Professional
or using Win32 client. An
comes with a free 6-user
ingenious solution for
Groupware license that also
applies to existing Merak
Mail Server Professional
customers within their 1
year free upgrade period.

Date: Jan, 12 2005

Date: Apr, 01 2004

Date: Jun, 24 2004

Date: Jun, 24 2004
Bokai barcode image generator
ecConED is a 100%
ASP Edition is a COM
ASP/Javascript based on-line
component that generates
content editor designed to
dynamic barcode images in
add content management to
PNG or JPEG format. It can
static page web site
be used on web servers and
designs. Has
your HTML pages can embed a
bar code image URL (an ASP
multi-role management
file provided) without
feature. Provides staged
programming. It supports
updates allowing users to
rotation, fonts, colors,
edit content and publish
text positions, methods to
only when ready. Works with
save a barcode image to a
most single and multi-folder
file or to draw to a device
sites. Use to convert
context. It supports 25
existing web site or with
barcode types: Code 39, Code
purchased templates or
128, UPC, EAN, etc.
custom site designs.

Date: Sep, 14 2004

Date: Jan, 25 2004
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