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Pentacle In-Out Board 6.10

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20/20 Applications

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Gazatem Technologies & Software

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Pentacle In-Out Board
Welcome! 20/20 Applications
Gazatem Technologies is a
ASPCode.net provides a
v6.03.0.1200. Pentacle is
develops light-weight
webbased groupware company
resource for free
an in-out board for
database applications for
that used by a group of
businesses and organizations
small and medium sized
developers who are working
applications,code snippets
that would like to know
business web sites. Our
on the same site but
and articles. We also have
who's in and who's out of
low-cost solutions have
distributed in space. We
some commercial products.
the office. It included
assisted small businesses
specialize in creating web
All resources are
exclusive Sick leave
throughout North America,
sites that load quickly, are
categorized and easy to find
tracking system and Vacation
Europe, Australia, and South
easy to use, and are
and screenshots are
Tracking system. You can see
America and have been
impressive-looking. Our
available for most of them
who is in, out, busy, sick,
translated into more than
dynamic website projects and
as well.
vacation, lunch or dayoff.
eight languages. Features
advanced application
Administrator can change the
include multi-lingual and
development provide unique
skin of IN-OUT board and
customizable ASP
user experience, resulting
Post some news to your
applications for real estate
in higher prospect
staff. Pentacle Gold let you
brokerages and agents,
conversion. We are providing
have full view of you
inventory management systems
online content management
office, and know when they
for automotive vehicle
& publishment tools. Our
will have vacation or doctor
dealership, gallery,
web site publisher tools can
appointment. You can see how
library, art, jewellery,
be used in small and medium
many staff will take
music, collectors,
sized web sites. Gazatem
vacation in specified month.
classifieds, and more. As
Technologies has developed
So it is easy to manage it.
well, with affiliated
various content management
It further has user
companies and services, our
systems to assist web site
attendance report with
products integrate with 3rd
owners. Building a
different output format.
party data services such as
professional website or
Multi-location and
the MLS (multiple listing
business web application -
Multi-group are good
service) and IDX for
using one of our products -
features in which you can
Realtors, RSS feed
will make your business
manage the specified office
syndication, and the Google
operate more efficiently and
and/or department situation.
Earth client for geographic
increase its' value.
You have up to 50 user
inventory such as realty. We
Clients using our
capacity and up to 6 groups
are dedicated to creating
management systems operate
and 5 locations.
applications that you can
more efficiently by
implement in your own
automating many labour
current or developing web
intensive process and by
site that flexible and
enabling instantaneous
powerful yet easy-to-setup
online access to content
and easy-to-use. Please
from anywhere in the world.
visit and enjoy your stay.

Date: Oct, 25 2006

Date: Sep, 16 2006

Date: Sep, 08 2006

Date: Sep, 01 2006
A WalkerSoftware Traffic
A Comprehensive, categorized,
Tools and information on
Free templates, free movies,
Exchange Script is an
and searchable ASP &
about every software
free software and a very
advanced web based promotion
ASP.NET resources, scripts,
category! Bandwidth tools,
interesting and helpful
tool that allows you to
software, tutorials, and
Defragging tools, FTP
website for developers,
create a membership
even more.
Servers/Clients, news
designers and programmers.
community quickly and
readers, search tools, and
Thousands of learning tools
easily. The script uses the
and softwares for beginners
industrial strength MySQL
as well as professionals.
database to handle a
virtually unlimited number
Javascript and many more.
of members and transactions.
The script supports multi
level rewards for auto or
manual surfing, a banner
exchange for extra revenue,
games, cash prizes,
anti-cheat, site reporting,
statistics with realtime
graphs, cash accounting,
downline management, earn
credits and/or cash. The
admin has complete control
over the script through a
simple but powerful control
panel. Integrated with
Paypal IPN and totally
automated financial
processing helps makes this
script easy to operate.

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Date: Aug, 08 2006
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