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DMXReady Account List Manager

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DMXReady Photo Gallery Manager

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eBay Home Inventory System

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Banner Advertising Script

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Keep a copy of your firmís
Display your photos for pride
This application was designed
White Web Publishing's
own Yellow Pages right on
or profit in this easily
with the serious eBay seller
rotating banner script let's
the Net. Perfect for large
navigated gallery with
in mind. Recently, my wife
you turn your website's
or multi-site companies. Add
thumbnails and captions.
started her own eBay store,
traffic into money by
staff name, contact info,
Your pictures never looked
and it wasn't long before we
selling banner advertising.
and even a map. Easily
so good! Anyone with basic
realized that we needed a
We offer: 1)Easy
managed by anyone with basic
web skills can be their own
system in place to manage
two-line code integration
web skills. Trial Version
Webmaster. Trial Version
our inventory. The original
2) Allows you to sell
available. Built with
available. Built with
version was lacking in
banner ads by frequency --
several departments, and was
making some banners appear
quite honestly too complex
more often than others
by design. This version
3) Tracks hits and
(version 2.1) is much more
impressions for each ad
simplified in its use. It
4) Allows both
will track your inventory
javascript and graphical
based on locations that you
banners 5) Tracks
define. For example, if you
customer and billing
have 5 shelves full of eBay
information for each ad
merchandise, you could name
6) Optional periodic
them Shelf 1, Shelf 2, Shelf
billing module integrates
3, etc. Or S1, S2, S3 -
with Verisign PayFlowPro
whatever is easiest for
credit card processing
you. You can also track
7) Easy-to-use
information pertaining to
administrative control panel
your buyers, such as who
8) Low licensing fee of
bought it, their shipping
$124.99 the first year /
address, email, and eBay ID
$24.99 each year thereafter
number. The application also
9) Credit card billing
has a very basic accounting
module only $49.99 extra!
system built in to it. By
10) Requires ASP and an
entering the price you paid
SQL database.
for the item, the price it
sold for, and the shipping
cost, you can view a report
for each month that will
show you your profit or
loss, complete with line
item detail. By far, the
feature I use the MOST is
the search feature. It is a
fairly thorough search
feature, allowing you to
search for just about any
term in the database. Very
handy if you are looking for
an item, and all you have is
the description.

Date: May, 19 2005

Date: May, 19 2005

Date: Mar, 10 2004

Date: Nov, 16 2003
Automatically manage and
The power of PHP forums for
Create an interactive survey
T6D brings you the ultimate
organize your e-mailing
ASP! Easy to install and
quickly and easily. Allow
in online gaming, an
lists to send client
configure, unlimited
visitors to respond to poll
enhanceable community, and
newsletters, special offers,
catagories, forums + topics,
questions from a list of
ingenious forum and a superb
or just to keep in touch.
skinnable, plug-in capable,
your answers, and review the
administration. All code is
Slick interface is easily
full admin tools, HTML
results. Prevents
written in optimized ASP and
managed by anyone with basic
Aliasing plus lots lots more.
multi-voting. Slick
the 400 game database is
web skills. Trial Version
interface, easily installed,
included. T6D - The Real
available. Built with
easily managed. Built with
World. Rebrandable upon

Date: May, 19 2005

Date: Jan, 29 2005

Date: Jan, 21 2005

Date: Oct, 27 2003
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