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DMXReady Billboard Manager

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DMXReady Contact Us Manager

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DMXReady Event Listing Manager

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DMXReady News Manager

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Keep your billboard messages
With DMXReady Contact Us
Store, organize, and display
DMXReady News Manager helps
organized and neatly
Manager, you can direct
event information such as
organize and display all
displayed with this
website visitors’ inquiries
date, location, price – even
press releases, media
database-driven app. Update
to the appropriate person or
include a map to the event.
advisories, and news items
in real time. Easily managed
department for a more
Easily managed by anyone
on one easy-to-read page.
by anyone with basic web
efficient feedback system.
with basic web skills! Add
Easily add News items
skills! Add links, pictures,
Contact Us Manager also
links, pictures, and contact
complete with pictures,
and contact info. Trial
generates an auto-reply,
info. Trial Version
links, and contact info.
Version available. Built
fully customizable with any
available. Built with
Combined with DMXReady's
with DreamweaverMX.
message or information that
Mailing List Manager, it
you want to send. Anyone
creates a powerful tool to
with basic Internet and
make sure that those who
e-mail skills can easily
need the news about your
make changes to all parts of
company get it. Easily
Contact Us Manager through
managed by any PR personnel
the user-friendly browser
with basic web skills! Add
interface. More control for
links, pictures, and contact
your clients, and less
info directly to press
call-backs for you! Built
releases. Include links to
by Web Designers for Web
media stories from other
Designers If you want a way
publications. Allow readers
to get your clients’ contact
the option to e-mail the
page online fast, the
article to a friend. Combine
DMXReady Contact Us Manager
with other DMXReady apps for
definitely needs to be in
a powerful communication
your library of
tool. Built by Web
applications! With this
Designers for Web
powerful app, you can
Designers The News Manager
quickly add a
is perfect for the web
database-driven contacts
designer looking to quickly
page to any website. And it
and easily add a database
includes an unlimited-usage
driven News section to any
license, a customizable
website. The application
dynamic display page, a
includes a customizable
pre-configured MS Access
dynamic display page,
database, and a
pre-configured MS Access
user-friendly Content
database & user-friendly
Administration page.
content administration
pages. Simply upload the
files to your ASP web server
and you are ready to
add/edit/delete content
through a content
administration page.
Finally, a practical and
affordable way to give your
clients the power to make
changes to website content
quickly and easily
themselves. Trial Version

Date: May, 19 2005

Date: May, 19 2005

Date: May, 19 2005

Date: May, 19 2005
DMXReady Links Manager allows
Complete web site script
Build a supercharged,
Keep a copy of your firm’s
you to quickly add, delete,
built using ASP and MySQL to
database-driven website from
own Yellow Pages right on
and edit your links area
provide membership DB.
the ground up and forget
the Net. Perfect for large
through an online admin
Registration of new members,
about scripting! Slick
or multi-site companies. Add
page. Easily managed by
password recovery, profile
interface is easily managed
staff name, contact info,
anyone with basic web
update and more. Site title,
by anyone with basic web
and even a map. Easily
skills! Add links, pictures,
email contact, url etc. is
skills. Add other DMXReady
managed by anyone with basic
and contact info. Trial
all configured via a simple
apps for more power. Trial
web skills. Trial Version
Version available. Built
configuration file. Install
Version available. Built
available. Built with
with DreamweaverMX.
script provided creates all
with DreamweaverMX.
tables. Built to accept
additional plugin modules.
An example plugin is
provided that allows
administrator to send email
to entire member database in
text or HTML format. Uses
CSS to control presentation.
Two style sheets included.
This is a great script to
get a basic site up and
running in a few minutes.

Date: May, 19 2005

Date: Jun, 08 2005

Date: May, 19 2005

Date: May, 19 2005
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