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Banner Advertising Script

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ASP IP grabber

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White Web Publishing's
This is almost a full CMS as
This script will grab your
An ASP Online Application
rotating banner script let's
well as a Sports
visitors IP address and the
designed for Estate Agents
you turn your website's
Tipping/Fantasy Football
current time and e-mail it
(Real Estates). Manage your
traffic into money by
software, it enables you to
to you without your visitor
property listings with an
selling banner advertising.
create the teams, the rounds
advanced ADMIN panel.
We offer: 1)Easy
and the games, and then your
Add/Edit/Delete property
two-line code integration
users pick the winner of
pictures, floor plan,
2) Allows you to sell
each round, you can then
banner ads by frequency --
update the scores and round
others related to property.
making some banners appear
results and the users scores
Mail your subscribers, add
more often than others
are automatically updated
site news. Easy to modify
3) Tracks hits and
and placed accordingly on
Inc files.
impressions for each ad
the Leader Board.
4) Allows both
javascript and graphical
banners 5) Tracks
customer and billing
information for each ad
6) Optional periodic
billing module integrates
with Verisign PayFlowPro
credit card processing
7) Easy-to-use
administrative control panel
8) Low licensing fee of
$124.99 the first year /
$24.99 each year thereafter
9) Credit card billing
module only $49.99 extra!
10) Requires ASP and an
SQL database.

Date: Nov, 16 2003

Date: Nov, 11 2003

Date: Nov, 05 2003

Date: Nov, 02 2003
T6D brings you the ultimate
This very easy to setup link
in online gaming, an
tracker can be used to track
enhanceable community, and
downloads from your web
ingenious forum and a superb
site. It will log the time
administration. All code is
and date, as well as a few
written in optimized ASP and
other goodies, such as
the 400 game database is
browser and operating
included. T6D - The Real
system. You can also view
World. Rebrandable upon
the stat report via the web,
and clear the log entries at
the click of a button. A
separate log is used for
each link you wish to track.
This tracker can be used for
plain HTML links as well.

Date: Oct, 27 2003

Date: Dec, 27 1999
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