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Simple Flash and XML Sample

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Dynamic Interactive US Map

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Flash Attachment Contact Form

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This sample explains how XML
Complete dynamic Us
Ideal for Photographers and
and flash connects. You
interactive map. Simple
Artists. Photo-Graffix
will see how to to load data
embed map in to your
Flash Image Gallery System
Attach contact form and
from an external XML file
website. Change States URLs
Version 3.2, display your
allow your visitors to send
and use that data inside a
in text file and map will be
photos online in an
you files and email messages
swf flash file. XML file
linked to your web. Even can
attractive - easy to use -
to your inbox. These forms
tags are explained and the
paste ASP and PHP links to
modern - dynamic Flash
are easy to use. You don't
flash ActionScript lines are
connect map with database.
interface. 3 photo views,
need Flash or any
commented so you understand
photo descriptions, photo
programming knowledge. Just
each code block. Sample
protection. Horizontal Menu
make a small change in the
files download are also
System Select Language
PHP code and put the files
Option Unlimited
up on your site. The file
Images Slideshow
size limit is set by your
Feature. MP3 Player. Image
server and can be increased
by contacting your host.
Stats Customizable look
Your visitors will be
through administration
reinforced by looking at
panel. Add and remove
their pictures before they
photos from browser.
send them. Also send MP3's
Multiple Upload. arrange
or any other file type by
Images in specific
adding file extensions in
order. Create/Delete Albums
the .FLA. If you have Flash
from browser Unlimited
8, you can make any changes
Albums Arrange Albums in a
you like to the design,
Specific Order Change Skins
increase the number of text
(Over 35) Change
fields, and add your logo.
However, you don't even need
colors Watermark
Flash at all to make this
Images Automated thumbnail
work great on your site.
generation with GD2 Free

Date: Nov, 28 2006

Date: Nov, 21 2006

Date: Nov, 15 2006

Date: Nov, 01 2006
This template will easily let
Flash MX | PHP Guestbook is a
We offer beautiful commercial
We offer beautiful free flash
you display your video with
fully functional guestbook
flash menus and buttons. The
text effects for your web
a playlist of other videos,
program that used a txt file
packet contents three flash
sait. You will get full
with thumbnail, on the side.
to store comments. You must
vertical menus. You will get
source code and graphics
It uses iframes to call the
have PHP installed on your
full source code and
including: fla, swf och html
new video to the player
server to use Flash MX | PHP
graphics including: fla, swf
window. Customizable in
Guestbook. Easy to customize
och html files.
html. Looks good in a pop up
and edit. Edit a few simple
window. A good starting
lines in the PHP file and
point. Test videos and flash
you are all set.
files included. Free
download, and free for non
commercial use. $10.00 for 1

Date: Nov, 01 2006

Date: Oct, 26 2006

Date: Oct, 14 2006

Date: Oct, 13 2006
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