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Word of mouth is considered a
This module is an information
These modules are designed as
Offer your visitors a window
reliable source compared to
page and contact listing for
a feedback form to get
into the best search engine
other ways of advertisement.
company staff or members of
impressions and comments
on the net. It's a free
Let your visitors promote
a group. Create a
from your visitors.
service for you and you
your website using your
lasting first impression and
Create great first
provide Google access to
"tell a friend"
employ the latest
impressions by having the
users who visit your site.
module. Create a lasting
interactive technology
latest interactive
Brand association is
first impression and employ
available. This module
technology available.
important and you can create
the latest interactive
can be amended and
The module can be amended
a great first impression by
technology available.
customized visually although
and customized visually
offering a flash based
The "tell a
layout changes may have some
although the layout changes
google window. The
friend" can be amended
have some restrictions.
module can be amended and
and customized visually
Delivery includes 100%
customized visually,
although layout changes may
flash source files (.fla)
although the layout changes
have some restrictions.
and PHP CMS.
may have some
restrictions. Delivery
includes 100% flash source
files (.fla).

Date: Jun, 20 2005

Date: Jun, 20 2005

Date: Jun, 20 2005

Date: Jun, 20 2005
Display your online portfolio
Image zoom software component
At swishfreak.com, you can
FCS FLV Player is designed
with style. Use our
is a simple and powerful
view, download and discuss
for streaming with
flash gallery module to
tool to add value to your
Swish Movies, which demo the
Macromedia Flash
share your favorites
online store. Image zoom
capabilities of this
Communication Server (FCS)
pictures online.
displays products in your
exciting new Swish feature.
.FLV video files only. It
online store with zoom
Free Swish Templates, Menus,
only requires the user to
feature without changing
Intros, Special Effects and
have only Flash Version 6
store layout, this zoom
player installed. The
software can be integrated
differrence between a
into any shopping cart or
component and an .FLA file
internet language with HTML
is the amount of control you
output ASP, PHP just open
have over the features and
the layout file of the
design of your video player.
shopping cart and replace
A component allows for
the the img tag that
reusable code to be easily
displays the product, by the
modified from within flash,
code given in the package.
this is a fast solution to
free and easy
implement video but, you
cannot modify or add any
additional features or
change basic design parts of
the player. Our FCS FLV
Player with the source code
allows you to easily change
any of the features or
design of the player by
editing the code in Flash MX
or Flash MX Pro 2004. Your
player is ready to go when
you recieve it, it can be
uploaded to your server, you
can modify the FlashVars in
the html file to point to
your FLV video file and it
will work. You can
completely control player
functionality and design by
modifying the FLA files
actionscript code using
Flash MX or Flash MX 2004:
Our FCS FLV Player
supports the following
features: ABOUT An
optional button to show a
logo or other related
information when the about
button is clicked AUTOPLAY
When you pass the flash
variable AP=off the FLV file
will load but, be paused so,
you can embed multiple video
players into a single page
and using flashvars choose
which ones will play when
the page loads and which
videos will be paused. MUTE
When the mute button is
clicked all audio is turned
off and the video is
paused PLAY Starts when the
video begins or when the
play button is clicked after
a movie has been
paused STOP Is when the
video ends or when the
stop/zoom buton is clicked,
this returns the movie being
played to the
begining PAUSE This button
will pause the video at the
point in the timeline and
when clicking the play
button, the video, will play
from the point on the movies
timeline that the pause
button was clicked BUFFER
The buffer value can be hard
coded or set as a variable
using FlashVars SCRUBBING
Moves the video timeline
every time the video
scrubber is moved to a
position on the movies
timeline ZOOM The Zoom
button opens a larger sized
browser window and stops the
smaller player from playing,
cuurently the zoom turns the
320x240 video player to a
popup 640x480 video player
Tracking the end of the
video or total time is done
automatically by FCS
communicating dirctly with
the SWF file.

Date: Jun, 19 2005

Date: Jun, 17 2005

Date: Jun, 10 2005

Date: May, 30 2005
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