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cPanel Wizard Professional

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Cpanel XP 2004

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** SALE PRICE $10.00 USD **
Housekeeping allows you to do
Put the power of cPanel on
Cpanel XP might just be the
<br> Keep
all your housekeeping tasks
your desktop! Developed by
only Cpanel add-on you will
your customers data, and
on either directories or
popular demand, cPanel
ever need. This is not your
your servers data
files on your Linux or Unix
Wizard Professional takes
usual Cpanel Skin, Packed
secure. Our Backup Kit,
server. It allows to do
Hosting Administration
with User friendly interface
takes the question of the
housekeeping tasks on
convenience to the next
and powerful features, you
security of your data.
file/directorys depending
level for cPanel users.
can easily impress potential
Selected automated cron
number of days old, file
Regardless of if you are
Web Hosting customers. This
times. Select which extra
extensions, file size or on
a web host or designer with
hosting market is saturated.
features to backup. (mail
non of the above.
multitudes of accounts to
When thousands of webhosts
pgsql mysql other..) Define
care for, or if you have
out there are offering the
local partitions ( local or
only one, the convenience
default skin, you can
remote ) Define Remote
level offered by desktop
differentiate yourself and
folder structures Select
administration of your
make the decision for
exactly which reseller,
cPanel accounts is one to be
potential customers an easy
site(s), or appliance. (
experienced. All of your
one. With Cpanel XP they are
one or multiples ) Select
access details are contained
going to choose you! Why
Size of backups (in MB or
by the software in an
make it hard for them and
GB) Select multiple or
encrypted database for your
yourself? Features in
single email
access convenience. And
brief: 같같 User Friendly
notification Create
accessing specific cPanel
Interface - Click here for
multiple backup times, and
functions is simply a matter
the cpanel skin
jobs Select how many days
of a single mouse click.
screenshots 같같 Feature
to keep selected
Enabled - Your reseller can
backups Our Backup Kit
turn features on and off via
creates compressed backups
WebHost Manager 같같
of all of the following
Degrades with Grace - You
items: Mysql
will not see an ugly hollow
Databases each domain
like the default skin when a
related database is backed
feature is disabled 같같
up to each client, backups
Multilingual - 6 Languages
are also provided to the
at the time of writing and
remote location
new languages are added
selected. PgSql Needed
every now and then. Click
Databases The WEBppliance
here to see the progress for
uses the servers Postgresql
the upcoming language
database for many of its
translations. Current
features We duplicate and
Languages: English, Russian,
compress this, sending it to
Portuguese, French,
the remote location. DNS
Italian,Dutch and
Entries Each domain hosted
Indonesian. 같같 Very
on your server, has the
Customizable - Click here to
option of using local DNS
see how you or your reseller
With this we backup all of
can add logo to the theme.
the domains DNS files and
Plus, we will be adding
compress them transfering
guides and plugin mods to
them to the remote
the Resources & Mods
location. Current
section to you can further
customizations Should you
customize your Cpanel
have installed any
skin. 같같 Language Aware
additional Third Party
- You can add your own
features, to your server, we
language to the
have several locations that
skin. 같같 Easy
are included
Installation - You don't
have to be a rocket
scientist to install Cpanel
/var/www/html and
XP 2004. 같같 Supports
more Current Email for
Fantastico & Source
root or other real
Matrix - Cpanel XP
users The directory
autodetects Fantastico &
/var/spool/mail is added
Source Matrix Scripts
into this to assure any
installers click here for
emails to root or other
the screenshot.
users arent missed. All
hosted domains Each and
every domain hosted, will be
filtered out into single
compressed files using the
Ensim PRO vhbackup
utillity, to ensure
compatiblity with all 3.5 -
4.0 version Ensim PRO
servers. Reseller
data Bandwidth
statistics Addons -
Themes/Skins Most custom
addons * All of the
Awstats data files for all
sites Currently supporting
these folder

Date: Jul, 02 2004

Date: May, 21 2004

Date: May, 16 2004

Date: Apr, 22 2004
The LiveBandWidth system
Complete hosting control
Free trial available.
A convenience tool for
enables a system
panel for Linux / FreeBSD.
Uptime100 provides Website
professional cPanel users.
administrators to easily
Easy server administration
Monitoring for FTSE100, AIM
A Database of all of your
identify sites which utilize
and new accounts activation.
and Techmark companies, and
accounts, providing one
the bandwidth of the server
Easy to use web based
Internet Ventures worldwide.
click access to each of
for their individual use in
interface for the end users
We provide alerts via
them. Also provides a
a monopolizing manner, for
of your system. Mail,
email, SMS/text message, and
quickstart to setting up and
which added payment could be
DNS, MySQL, FileManager,
voice telephone.
maintaining your accounts.
applied in view of excessive
FTP, Apache administration.
use. The system will thus
CronTab, Statistics,
enable hosting companies to
subdomains and many more
identify web sites as
consumers of substantial
system resources. It could
well be found, as a result,
that your server is hosting
users allowing the
downloading of pornographic
material, illegal software,
or large-volume audio and
video files. LiveBandWidth
will help to keep your
system clean of such illegal

Date: Apr, 12 2004

Date: Mar, 05 2004

Date: Jan, 14 2004

Date: Nov, 10 2003
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