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Server Management



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SMTP Server Pro

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Active User Manager

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The Internet Information
CleverEye is availability
SMTP Server Pro is a powerful
AUM is a user manager tool
Services (IIS) debug tools
monitoring, alerting and
easy-to-use SMTP POP3 mail
for a Windows Active
are designed to help
reporting software.
server program designed for
Directory environment (Win2K
determine which requests
Automatically measure
satisfying the requirements
Server & Windows
have caused IIS to crash and
response time and trigger
of huge organization in
2003 Server domains) that
to log specific information
alerts when thresholds are
high-volume messaging. It is
makes the process of
when a request does not
broken. Easy to install,
simple, light-weight and
manipulating users and
respond in an expected time
agent-less, Web based,
reliable; it has security
organisational-units easy.
period. This toolkit is made
supports multiple concurrent
features to prevent DDoS
AUM automates the tedious
up of 2 main tools: IIS
users. Four powerful modules
attacks and block SPAM. As a
and time-consuming tasks
Crash/Hang Agent tracks all
to monitor from different
personal solution, it is
that are involved in
requests as they enter IIS
perspectives: network layer,
ideal for laptop PC users
creating users. This
and leave IIS and will log
application layer, SNMP and
who travel a lot and have to
includes the automatic
requests that are still
operating system. Monitor
use different ISP on the run.
creation, deletion and
being processed if IIS
servers, websites,
moving of user's folders and
terminates unexpectedly.
databases, applications,
shares for their home and
This tool also allows an
CPUs, memory, disk, FTP,
profile folders whenever the
administrator to configure a
DNS, LDAP and more.
user is manipulated. MS
command line to run whenever
Exchange and disk quota
a request takes too long to
management is supported.
respond indicating a
potential hang. IIS Dump is
the default command line for
gathering information on
Hangs; this tool is able to
dump many different items at
once for root cause analysis
investigation. IIS Dump can
produce text reports on
stacks for each thread in an
IIS-related process, dump
files for each IIS-related
process, dump the Metabase
in an XML format file, and
provide system DLL version

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Date: Feb, 05 2005
Tray Control allows you to
SimFreeVH is a script that
Sim_VHUM is a script that
The InterWorx Control Panel
reduce the Apache server
enables you to offer free
makes life easier for
(InterWorx-CP) is a
window to an icon in your
hosting on your dedicated
dedicated server control
system tray. It has options
server. The script is an
administrators/companies or
panel and web hosting
for displaying the version
addon for Ensim Webppliance,
tech support that has to
automation system.
and build information,
the well know hosting
deal with hundreds of users
InterWorx-CP provides a
virtual host settings, and
management system. Enables
on multiple servers running
clean, consistent interface
list of built-in modules,
the provider of free hosting
Cpanel/WHM. The
to your dedicated server via
and the output of
to advertize on free sites
administrator can see all
the feature-packed
netstat.exe &
by placeing a header footer
accounts/domains on all
interfaces of NodeWorx, the
ipconfig.exe--all from
on each page. It is highly
servers in one place, (a
server-level interface and
within a windows graphical
configurable, and template
user friendly and password
SiteWorx, the website-level
user interface.
based, easy to install and
protected over SSL web
interface. If you would like
has a web interface for user
interface ), can do advanced
to give InterWorx a try,
search for a username,
please visit our demo page
domain, server, and can
to take it for a spin.
login to any account with a
Alternatively, visit our
single click without having
screenshots page to get an
to type any
idea of what InterWorx is
like as well as get to know
some of its features.

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