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Server Management


Network Management Suite

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Lessons Learned Server for Linux

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Fastream IQ Reverse Proxy

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Complete network management
Monitor your website uptime
A knowledgebase system
Secure your web server with
solution containing two must
with this simple command
allowing to store, access,
cache, load-balancing, bw
applications for the network
line tool. Very easy to
search and explore knowledge
limits, configurable
administrators. The first
configure, all urls and
within your organization,
component, Alchemy Network
email settings are stored in
department or team.
authentication and 128-bit
Monitor, monitors servers in
easy to edit text files.
industry strength SSL/TLS
your corporate network and
Sends off an email if your
encryption, bandwidth
alerts the Network
website is down. Works with
limiting and load balancing
Administrator in the case of
all urls, even SSL enabled
with failover protection as
the network failures. The
websites. 100% freeware,
well as GZip acceleration
second component, Alchemy
very small executable file
and absolute URL translator
Network Inventory, makes the
is fast and efficient.
and only the best
complete network inventory
architectural design and
and provides the Network
highest performance and
Administrator with the
security for the Windows
detailed assets report.
platform by utilizing
multiple CPUs/CPU-cores.

Date: Dec, 08 2006

Date: Dec, 05 2006

Date: Nov, 06 2006

Date: Nov, 04 2006
Arctor is hard disk backup
Update: compatible with httpd
NEW IP Finder Software Easy
PC Performance Is your PC
made smart, fast, simple and
2.0 and 2.2 :: This tool
to use software for locating
running slow? This software
powerful. At a price of less
helps you to manage an
your IP address. IP Finder
program will tell you if
than $1 per GB, today's
Apache webserver via a GUI,
will return your host name,
your system processor and
cheapest and fastest backup
so you don't have to type in
local IP and external IP.
memory are being filled to
media are hard disks - so
the complete
Great for gaming, connecting
the rim! Small and sits out
why not simply use one for
commandlines. Completely
to different servers, or
of the way so you can always
your backups? Backups on
rewritten GUI, in Delphi
sorting your various IP's on
keep an eye on your PC's
hard disks are much quicker
this time. Lower RAM usage.
a network. You can even find
health. Monitors CPU, ram
and easier to restore, check
Now the GUI is way more
what your "real
and hard drive space.
and update.
userfriendly. There is also
world" IP is, even if
Options allow you to change
a new editor with
you're behind a firewall or
update speed and
hightlighting support. A
password-manager is
available. Frontend for
logresolver and so many more
usefull stuff. New is also
a help-file with lots of

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Date: Oct, 06 2006

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Date: Aug, 23 2006
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